Amazon affiliate program | How to join and earn money online
Earn money online

Amazon affiliate program | How to join and earn money online


If you decide to work from your home then there are multiple ways to earn online. As we discussed in our previous article 21 online best business ideas in which we highlighted those platforms or ways by which you can earn online. In this article we specifically going to discuss one of the platform for earning that is amazon affiliate program.

How amazon affiliate program works

Amazon affiliate program is one the biggest and popular affiliate programs in the world. You will get commission when you sell any amazon affiliate product. For example if you want to sale any mouse then you will get the commission of 2% of the total amount of that product.

The unique advantage of amazon affiliate program is that when any user go to amazon from your affiliate link and he/she shops any of the item from amazon you can get commission of those items too. For example if you shared a link of a mouse, someone visits your link and after that he/she buy some other products as well like monitor, headphones then you can get commission of the whole cart.

List of commissions you will get by selling products

amazon affiliate program

In the above picture you can see the commission fees. Those products which are expensive like luxury beauty items have higher commission then the others, it is because they are expense and the sales of these items are less than others. As most of us are interested in selling technology related stuff it has only 2% commission.

How to Get started

You can follow the below steps to get a part of amazon affiliate:

  1. Login to amazon associate and create an account.
  2. Put your required personal details
  3. Enter your website or mobile apps where you going to sell products
  4. Write the short description about your websites and tell what is your websites or apps about
  5. Check those options in which you are interested to sell products.
  6. Then verify your phone number.

If you are present in one of those countries where amazon not present then don’t worry. You can earn from amazon affiliate program almost from all around the world. Like in Pakistan amazon is not worked in this country but you can join the program and can get started earning money.

Note that after joining the amazon affiliate you have only 180 days to sell at least 3 products successfully. if you failed to sell 3 products with in this time period then your account will be terminated according to amazon policy.

Checkout & Payment options

There are three checkout or payment options like

  • Bank deposit
  • Amazon Credit
  • Through cheque

You can use any of these payment options of your own choice. But as we discussed above if amazon is not present in your country so you can’t avail any of the above options to get payment from amazon. So the simple way is to use Payoneer card. For this you have to login and create an account. After the account activate then through global payment payment option on payoneer you can get details of banks.

Like if you are in Pakistan then you have to choose bank deposit option as amazon affiliate. From your payoneer account choose first century bank USA and add all the required details in amazon payment option, make sure all the details all correct. Now payoneer give us multiple ways to withdraw amount e.g: via debit card, local bank transfer and some other.

By all the details mentioned in this article, now you have enough knowledge of who to join amazon affiliate and who to earn money online via amazon affiliate program. But here you can decide yourself that how you can sell products. There are multiple ways to sell affiliate products like through email marketing, making blogs or through sharing links.

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