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How Fiverr Works | The Best Guide of 2020

how fiverr works

You can make millions online without any employees. Here we can discuss How Fiverr Works? and how you can make money online using the website fiverr.com.

Fiverr.com, if you’re not familiar with it, is a task site. It’s a job site where you can post. Where you can buy jobs for $5 of people looking to do stuff for you or you could sell you know different tasks. You could have post up things you can do for people such as voice-overs.

Best jobs you can do on Fiverr & this How Fiverr Works?

A logo design or audits or giving them access to books or whatever. And you can make money and this how fiverr works. Now, the question how fiverr works? is most jobs are $5 and the website itself takes a $1 cut of every job or 20%. Fiverr started with only $5 jobs but now you can post jobs for more money than just $5.

But we going to discuss you through some of the steps to do. Now an important part of Fiverr is obviously you can get people contacting you for jobs or buying jobs from you. But what’s even more interesting and what’s kind of our methodology to making money from Fiverr is do jobs for $5 but have upsells.

Have other projects that you would do for far more amounts of money for people you know. Maybe somebody wants you to create a web logo for their website. But maybe what that person really wants is a website and you can charge let’s say a thousand or $2,000 to design a full website for somebody. So, just because you’re doing logo designs for $5. It doesn’t mean you can’t capture the big money in upsells and that’s what we going to be talking about.

Why fiverr is important?

So here we came on Fiverr, as you can see the website is just Fiverr with two r’s dot-com. Now, there’s a lot of different categories. A lot of the categories on Fiverr are related to marketing. That’s because most the people who use Fiverr doing some sort of online marketing or web design or website related tasks.

As we see here from the categories the main categories are following:

  • Graphics and design,
  • Digital marketing,
  • Writing and translation,
  • Video and automation,
  • Animation,
  • Programming business and lifestyle.

You can kind of get an idea of what are the most popular categories by what’s farthest over to the right graphics design, digital marketing and writing translation and video and animation. These are the major categories of Fiverr if you’re looking to get jobs.

Logo Design:

So let’s look over here. Logo design is one of the most common things that people use Fiverr for and you can see a bunch of jobs over here. So, we have a job let say at $300, job at $10, $50, $80. Again, not all of the prices are $5 anymore. But you can post up whatever you want on Fiverr and make money doing it.

We will design an awesome business logo with something or another. Now, it’s going to be a little hard to compete on Fiverr if your prices are so high. The reason why most people go to Fiverr in the first place is because they want something for $5.

So our suggestion is figure out what you can offer for $5 or cheap. You know under $25 because that’s going to get the most people coming to your listing. Now, what we did when we got started on Fiverr, we used Fiverr to help me grow my consulting business. We used to manage clients’ advertising accounts and our goal was to sell my services. And manage somebody’s online ads or their Google AdWords account for a thousand dollars a month. That was the goal we had in mind because we want money. Straight forward!

So, We knew if we could have five to ten clients per month paying me $1,000 that we’d basically we was working for. We was making a good income doing so. So what we used to offer was we would offer my services in the digital marketing category of Fiverr and we would offer my services in this category.  Like SEM, Search Engine Marketing.

SEO Gigs on fiverr

So, what we did was we offered free audits of somebody’s Google advertising campaigns. We’d also offer little things we could do such as you see a lot of people here are providing keywords, PPC keywords for the business. Or people are offering to optimize a campaign or different little aspects of advertising. They would all that you can offer little jobs but not the full shebang for as cheap as you can possibly justify. Now, what we did was we did ever anything we could.

You can will write text ads, we did this. we said we would write ads for somebody’s business. You can manage somebody’s PPC for $25 but we would write ads for somebody’s business and would find keywords for somebody’s business for $5.  Also you can help somebody find an optimization. And also would do an audit of somebody’s business.

Now, the way we used Fiverr was as a loss leader. Normally we figured if we could get on the phone with somebody, if we could get somebody a potential client lead to talk to on the phone for $5, that was worth it.  Also, We looked at it not as a way to make money. And we looked at it as a way to get leads for my business. And that mentality is a little different from some of the people that you see on the Fiverr.

How people about fiverr and how fiverr works

That we brought up. People are actually looking at Fiverr as an income source. We looked at it as a lead source for my business. And $5 for a lead, that’s a great way to get in a conversation with a customer. In fact, you’re having the customer pay you even if it’s only $5.  Most businesses have to actually spend money on advertising just to get somebody to contact them. In this case, we reversed the proposition so instead of spending money to get a customer to talk to me. We actually simply you know: we actually having them pay me even if it’s a little bit of money.

Now, our whole strategy on Fiverr was built around upsells. Our goal was to get people on the phone with me and also them be able to demonstrate my superior knowledge of Google advertising which is what we was an expert at. Your jobs may be $5 but your main offer as anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars for ad management. Now, most of the time, most people that are looking to spend $5 will not go and spend $500 per month with you. But the reality was some of the people were and we got business by posting jobs on Fiverr and we was able to turn those into clients.

That paid us consistently for our business. We take a different, a slightly different approach to Fiverr than other people you’ll see on any where else. You can research and find out people are showing how you can get started on Fiverr with no skills offering you know. Access to e-books or you can also find people that are finding nifty ways to kind of like try to trick Fiverr, get money from Fiverr.


And all of those things are short-term tactics. We like using fiverr as a lead generation tool for our business. But again, the point was to get people on the phone with me so we could create a client for our business. So we hope that shows you like one way you can use Fiverr to make money for your business. This business was purely online. You know managing people’s Google Ads accounts but whatever you’re doing for business.  You can probably find a category within Fiverr to offer value in and to do jobs for people. Remember, if you look at it as a way to start a conversation with a potential customer who can pay you more money.

Then Fiverr is a great great tool. You’re not going to make a lot of money. You know posting jobs up for a few bucks but you can certainly make a living doing that. Hopefully, this helps now if  this article helped you in any way mention in the comment section below.

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Amazon affiliate program | How to join and earn money online


If you decide to work from your home then there are multiple ways to earn online. As we discussed in our previous article 21 online best business ideas in which we highlighted those platforms or ways by which you can earn online. In this article we specifically going to discuss one of the platform for earning that is amazon affiliate program.

How amazon affiliate program works

Amazon affiliate program is one the biggest and popular affiliate programs in the world. You will get commission when you sell any amazon affiliate product. For example if you want to sale any mouse then you will get the commission of 2% of the total amount of that product.

The unique advantage of amazon affiliate program is that when any user go to amazon from your affiliate link and he/she shops any of the item from amazon you can get commission of those items too. For example if you shared a link of a mouse, someone visits your link and after that he/she buy some other products as well like monitor, headphones then you can get commission of the whole cart.

List of commissions you will get by selling products

amazon affiliate program

In the above picture you can see the commission fees. Those products which are expensive like luxury beauty items have higher commission then the others, it is because they are expense and the sales of these items are less than others. As most of us are interested in selling technology related stuff it has only 2% commission.

How to Get started

You can follow the below steps to get a part of amazon affiliate:

  1. Login to amazon associate and create an account.
  2. Put your required personal details
  3. Enter your website or mobile apps where you going to sell products
  4. Write the short description about your websites and tell what is your websites or apps about
  5. Check those options in which you are interested to sell products.
  6. Then verify your phone number.

If you are present in one of those countries where amazon not present then don’t worry. You can earn from amazon affiliate program almost from all around the world. Like in Pakistan amazon is not worked in this country but you can join the program and can get started earning money.

Note that after joining the amazon affiliate you have only 180 days to sell at least 3 products successfully. if you failed to sell 3 products with in this time period then your account will be terminated according to amazon policy.

Checkout & Payment options

There are three checkout or payment options like

  • Bank deposit
  • Amazon Credit
  • Through cheque

You can use any of these payment options of your own choice. But as we discussed above if amazon is not present in your country so you can’t avail any of the above options to get payment from amazon. So the simple way is to use Payoneer card. For this you have to login and create an account. After the account activate then through global payment payment option on payoneer you can get details of banks.

Like if you are in Pakistan then you have to choose bank deposit option as amazon affiliate. From your payoneer account choose first century bank USA and add all the required details in amazon payment option, make sure all the details all correct. Now payoneer give us multiple ways to withdraw amount e.g: via debit card, local bank transfer and some other.

By all the details mentioned in this article, now you have enough knowledge of who to join amazon affiliate and who to earn money online via amazon affiliate program. But here you can decide yourself that how you can sell products. There are multiple ways to sell affiliate products like through email marketing, making blogs or through sharing links.

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Earn money online

Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment


There are many methods and topics can find about ‘Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment’ but most of them not explain in belief. In this article you can learn that how to get started making money online without any investment. The surety is not there that how can you earn, It all depends on your handwork and consistency.

It can’t be doe with the week or month. It takes some times. You Must Have To Show:

  • Consistency
  • Hard Work
  • Patience
  • Keep Learning

If you are new startup then you never think of Earn Money Online in Pakistan at start at least for 7-8 months. There are many ways to earn money without investment in 2019. But you can find here 6 most highly rated ways of online earning that are as follow.

Methods to Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment


Article Writing

If you have good English skills or grammar then you can earn money at home for just writing articles for companies, products etc. But from where you can get these kind of projects. Below are some websites from which you can earn by writing articles.

Pay visiting to each of the website above , just sign up and start writing article. Most of these website can pay you hourly per article writing.  Make sure that not to write copyrighted articles.  Companies that hire you are not fool they just banned you for this action. Visit the website read there instructions and start Earn Money Online in Pakistan without investment.


Online Teaching

If you any skill and you want to tech anyone else then you can teach and earn online at home. Only you have to do that is to visit the following website then make an account. Whatever you have skilled with, you can teach. One big advantage is that you can charge as much as you can of your wish. But as the the reward is high so you have to work hard here. What you can do here is to make any video tutorial or video. At start you feel disappointment here because nobody knows you. But here is is the tip that you can simply give discount to your courses or lectures to just attract people.


Affiliate Marketing

There is lot of scale in affiliate marketing, you can earn very good amount of money by choosing this field. Simply what you have to do is to just promote there products or services and they give you commission of views or clicks. It depends upon the website tat hoe mush commission ratio they are giving to you. There are many ways by which you can promote there products. For example by making free website on wordpress and choose any theme from best free wordpress themes and create website. Also if you have strong social media followers then you can share products via this platform. Same like this if you have youtube channel. Following are the best websites for affiliate marketing:

You have to simply website these website and sign up for affiliate marketing. Choose that product that commission are high and those products are in trending.



One of the most trending online work freelancing. If you have any skill then freelancing is best for you. But it takes some time to develop your profile better. At start you can give your services by just giving services in low rates. You can also earn by giving projects that you in to other freelancers and you only earn profit based on commission. So, there are lot of ways in digital freelancing. Most of the websites give money on hourly bases. You have t make good profile there. 1st few months for new startup is very difficult there because no one trust you as you are new. But hard work and consistency makes all. Some of the top paying websites are following:


As most of the people know that blogging is the most common ways of online earning. But some people don’t know how to get started. For this first of all, you have to work day and night for good content. It takes lot of time so that people read your content and people makes trust on your blog and in this way traffic increases. But this not started just make website copy paste any content and apply ads and earning start, no not like this. Following are the top free online website development platforms.

First, you need to choose the niche on which you want make an entire blog. Choose an smaller topic of tat particular niche and write article on may pron and corn of this choose topic. Once you decide your content then you have to move on to website development. For this i recommended to choose WordPress website as WordPress has built in SEO builder that may boost your website then other platforms like blogger by google. If you chooses WordPress next step is to choose the best free WordPress themes and then write your article on that developed WordPress website. Do proper SEO, generate backlinks, directory submission and then display adds from any advertising networks but best is google. Best advertising agencies are :



All of the ways discussed above by which you can earn online at home. And the is answer of questions that asked by many people that ‘Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment’. All the above ways free and you can start earning today. All you have to show your patience, hard-work and consistency.

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Earn money online

Online business how to start them and earn money

Online business how to start

Online business how to start: We have bunch of talented people around the world. So, today we can discover several ideas from which you can generate good amount of money. Young and talented people are in search for any Online best business ideas to earn extra money. Therefore, To start any Online business is the best direction to earn cash now a days. These online business ideas don’t need huge investment. Even you don’t would like large workplace to start out. You only would like few technical skills and reliable internet connectivity. So, here are some Online best business ideas to start.

Online business how to start 

Sell Creative Products Online

Online best business ideas in Pakistan is to sell creative products online. Make some creative products like paintings, jwellery, handbag, craft items. And sell them online on ebay or artfire.

Online Customize Item Store

Second online business idea is starting online customize item store. This item store should allow end customer to customize gift items as per user need. Success example of this type of store is Chumbak.

E-commerce Website

Another very good online business idea is to start E-commerce website. Flipkart and Snapdeal is example of successful e-commerce websites. You can use shopify to create online store. Alternatively you can use free ecommerce toolkit woocommerce for building wordpress based e-commerce website. You can sell anything like mobile, electronic items, furniture, cloths etc.

Hosting Paid Webinars

If you are highly skilled person with extraordinary domain knowledge you can host paid webinar. Webinar is web based seminar presentation or video hosted on internet. It requires unique skills to build successful webinar.


Most simple way to start online business is to start blog on the topic you like. Yes blogging is best Online business how to start by just creating blogs. And earn a lot of money by advertising networks like google adsense, chitika or buysellads.

Paid Writing

This idea goes in hand with blogging. If you are very good at writing online business idea of paid writing is waiting for you. Today people are ready to pay for accept paid content. If your content is good you will be paid between 12$ to 50$ per piece.

Affiliate Marketing

Another best online business idea is to become affiliate for online store.  Like Amazone and earn commission on sales. You can also explore affiliate network like VigLink, CJ or Shareasale

Youtube Channel Partner

Creative Videos on youtube can also earn you lot of money. Create your own youtube channel post creative videos and generate huge fan following. Advertising on these youtube videos is very good online business idea. Recently I have come across news that 8 year old child is making $ 1.3 Million per year by just posting videos in youtube.

Flipping Domain

Flipping domain means buying domain at lower price and flipping at higher price. Flippa and Godaddy auction is very good market place of buying and selling domains.


You can start online business of freelancing. In order to work as freelancer you must possess programming skills. You can earn lot of money by doing freelancing.

App Making or App store

If you know android programming you can start online business for making App. Alternatively you can start your own App store which will serve different type of apps to end users.

Making Themes

Another very good online business idea is making website themes and selling it online. If you are not good at developing theme you can hire developers for making themes.

Making Plugin for wordpress

You can make premium plugin for achieving unique functionality for wordpress. As a result, Selling this plugin online will give you lot of money.

Selling Photos

Unique and creative photos can earn you lot of money. Therefore, you can sell these photos on photodune, istockphoto or imgembed.

Virtual Office Assistant

You can become virtual office assistant or technical assistant. And serve clients remotely from your office or home. So, You can take help from UpWork for finding work.

Google Helpout

Another online best business is of setting up online business with Google Helpout. So, You can help other over live video and charge them money. This help could be anything like fixing computer, removing virus, installing wordpress, installing software etc.

Voice over Artist

If you have good voice you can become audio narrator. Voicebunny and Voice123 allow you to post your audio project online. So, here Buyer listens to audition and picks voice talent to work with.

Music Selling

Music Selling is another online business to start with. You can record and sell your music online at marketplace likeAudio JunglePond5 or Bandcamp.

Webhosting Company

You can start your own webhosting company online. This idea requires setting up server, cpanel, hosting website etc.  Alternatively if you don’t want to setup your own server you can tie-up with other webhosting companies and sell web space on commission basis.

Data Entry Job

People today outsource many computer related jobs like data entry. So, you can grab this opportunity to set very good business.

SEO Consultancy

If you are very good at Search Engine Optimization. As a result you can setup your own Online business how to start, just providing SEO Consultancy.

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