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Tiktok Vs Youtube – The Reality | Which is better in 2020?

Tiktok Vs Youtube

Today we are noticing that a new discussion is started that which platform if better tikok or youtube. And it is also seen that a new fight started tiktok vs youtube. Further going to differences between these two platforms. First we have to know that these platform do and what are the usage of both these platforms.


Tiktok is a platform where people can share their short videos. It is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos (ref wikipedia). Users of tiktok only use it on mobile means in android and iOS devices. It is also have website where you can see and upload videos. But the huge number of users see and upload videos from mobile device.

The mobile apps of tiktok is well designed which enhances the user experience. Large amount of viewers spend their time to see videos rather than uploading. The person who upload videos regularly on tiktok they call himself as tiktokers.


Youtube is is very old platform founded in 2005 and in 2006 google bought this platform and relaunched this from under his umbrella. According to Wikipedia youtube is a online video sharing platform. There are many categories on which people shares videos on like music, dance, learning based, education, sports, interviews and specially vlogs. The youtube is the largest video steaming and sharing platform in the world.

And the large number of video creators show their skills and earning money from it. The person who upload videos regularly on YouTube and earn money from it they call himself as YouTube. Now a days YouTube  its an earning platform, a large numbers of YouTube are creating great stuff and show their skill because they are earning money.

Similarities & Differences Tiktok Vs Youtube:


It is common that both the platform are video sharing apps. In both platforms users want to share their skills. But the number of users and viewership is different. Both are available in almost all devices like mobile, desktop. And both have well designed mobile and webs apps. Both tiktokers and youtubers are very determined to share their videos and both wok hard to go viral their content.

Both platform have not alone in their video sharing. For youtube there are many other platforms like vimo, dailymotion. And same like tiktok the similar platform are available too like dubsmash. Both have option to save or subscribe favorite channels.

Tiktok Vs Youtube

Differences Tiktok Vs Youtube:

The web and mobile apps for youtube is user friendly. Here when user open the app the videos not play automatically as in the tiktok. When user open tiktok in mobile the videos plays automatically and after finished it plays to next video. As the creator of tiktok mentioned that the aim of this app is to share dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. But the youtube is not only for dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos it also used for learning/education, long videos/movies, live steaming etc. So both platforms are totally different usage but common is video streaming or sharing.

Video length: 

The length of video on youtube is long or short depending upon the video type. But in tiktok the videos are in short length. It is not used for education and learning purposes. It is not wrong if we say that it is a platform where people show their acting skills.


The behavior of audience both apps are different. In tiktok the videos plays automatically and after finished next videos plays automatically. And this is only for mobiles apps for tiktok not website because the large number of audience uses mobile version of tiktok. But another hand the YouTube here viewers come to see or gain some information. For example some is looking for cooking/recipes, someone is looking for education purposes and someone is searching for some product reviews.

If we talk about the views in both the platforms. The tiktok views count on every visitor watch the video regardless how many time he/she watch that same video. But in YouTube the views count is different first the videos not be played automatically not like tiktok app. People search and decide here to which video is good to watch and if the visitor watches that video for at least half or 1 minute that counts a 1 view.


At the end there is very big differences of Tiktok Vs Youtube. It is true if we can say that these two platform are totally not comparable because there is only one common thing that is video sharing other than this all are different. If we compare tiktok with dubsmash app or with some acting skills sharing app then this is now what we can say comparable platforms. And similarly if we compare YouTube with vimo or dailymotion then this creates some discussion able topics. The tiktop vs youtube is not comparable because both are working on different strategies.


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7 SEO Issues Check-2019


Most people acknowledge that something value accomplishing takes work. It takes time associated energy to urge a valuable come back on an investment. This principle is one that you just will apply to several areas of life, one in all them being your programme improvement (SEO) campaign.

You probably recognize you shouldn’t expect to enhance your site’s rankings nightlong. however if you’re getting
to pay time and cash on one thing, it’s cheap to expect to check a profit at some purpose. If you never see any improvement from your SEO campaign, then you’re doing one thing wrong.
Here square measure seven issues that may be stopping you from increasing your site’s rankings

1. Quitting as a result of It’s Taking Too Long

Even if you recognize your results won’t be instant, you continue to can be expecting to check them early on.
once some individuals don’t see any improvement among many months, they decide their SEO efforts
aren’t operating and provides up. this can be a slip-up.
How Long will SEO Take?
Skyler Malley of Fire starter SEO in Denver points out that bound variables can impact however long it takes for you to achieve success together with your SEO campaign. you would possibly see the fruit of your labors terribly quickly, however they conjointly may take a moment to develop. despite what, Malley says that “the progress you see within the early stages ought to pale as compared to the results you see at the tip of the primary year.”

2. Abusing Keywords

Keywords square measure essential for you to achieve success at SEO, however don’t overuse them. You don’t wish to pack a bunch of keywords into your content in order that you’ll rank higher. Keyword stuffing won’t serve your readers, and you risk old-time the incorrect facet of Google by doing therefore.

3. Not Accounting for web site History

You need to acknowledge that if your domain or web site has been fined, then your job is that a lot of tougher.
That’s to not say you won’t be ready to get your web site to rank. It simply implies that your job is harder.
an equivalent is true if to procure your web site from a previous owner.
Whoever closely-held the domain before you had completely different|a special|a unique|a distinct purpose
for it and had different contact data. it’ll take you time to make your own history. Of course, it’ll conjointly
take you your time to make your history if your domain is totally new.

4. Neglecting Directories

One directory you wish to say quickly if you have got not however done therefore is Google My Business. Google My Business is a chance to be listed for complimentary on a website with a high level of traffic and authority. Despite what some suppose, alternative online directories square measure valuable for serving to your programme ranking. The key’s to urge your business listed on quality directories, not spammy ones. List your business in as several solid online directories as attainable. certify your name, address, and signal (NAP) square measure consistent across all of your listings.

5. Misusing Backlinks

Backlinks square measure indispensable to SEO. however if you don’t recognize what you’re doing, they’re conjointly an excellent thanks to get your website fined. don’t embrace backlinks that square measure forced, irrelevant, or not instructional to your followers. The key with backlinks is to create certain they’re relevant to your content and work naturally among it. they ought to be educational and clearly support the aim of your posts. If they need these qualities and are available from authoritative sites, your own website can greatly profit.

Moz includes a few suggestions for obtaining backlinks while not acquisition Google’s wrath. you’ll raise individuals you recognize to link back to your journal, goodbye as they are doing therefore in an exceedingly means that’s natural and useful to users. explore for instances on-line wherever individuals have mentioned your business while not linking to you. Then raise them to link to your business. It’s a decent plan to go looking for mentions on a monthly basis.

Something else you’ll do is use Google’s Search Console to seek out times once individuals have tried to link to you, however the links square measure broken. think about doing a happening or a promo, particularly one that advantages individuals. Then raise a journalist to write down concerning and link to you. verify HARO, a platform that facilitates journalists WHO ought to write a story discover businesses WHO might help them out. If your company provides a service relevant to a story you discover through HARO, you’ll connect therewith communicator and find a link to your website.

6. Making Poor Content

You do ought to optimize your content for SEO, however you furthermore might ought to produce content that’s top quality and academic. making sturdy content takes heaps of labor, however doing therefore is vital to increasing your traffic. sensible content advantages your audience and builds your authority. The a lot of niche your content is, the higher your traffic are going to be.

It’s clearly best if you’ll select evergreen topics. however besides having one thing nice to mention and spoken communication it well, there square measure alternative ways in which to capture people’s attention. certify your titles square measure attention-getting which your journal is neat. conjointly certify you’re frequently providing visual content, like info graphics and videos, that get heaps of engagement.

7. Thinking you’ll Manage Everything

As we tend to same earlier, succeeding at SEO isn’t a conventional method. as a result of bound aspects square measure out of your management, your results can have a degree of unpredictability. as an example, the trade you’ve chosen impacts the amount of competition you face. and therefore the level of competition you face affect however exhausting it’ll be for you to rank for sure keywords. Some businesses can have a far easier time ranking than
you’ll just because you happen to be in an exceedingly tougher trade.

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Free Backlink Generator 2018 List | Dofollow Backinks


Here Are The Lists Of Free backlink generator 2018 You Can Use To Get Some Real Dofollow Backlinks :

A Free backlink generator 2018 for ORGANIC TRAFFIC is that the most vital half within the world of SEO (search engine optimization). High DA Backlinks conjointly referred to as incoming links or inward links area unit created by linking an internet web site to a different site. The links of external sites area unit referred to as backlinks. An internet page with many backlinks will get higher ranking on leading search engines, even Google. Google backlink generator are often a superb helper to come up with high-quality backlinks.


The Top 23 sites for Free backlink generator 2018 online

1. Index Kings – The Best Rapid Indexer Online

Index Kings provides you around 15k Free backlink through which you can even submit multiple URLs or complex URLs. If you need some quality backlinks then you can buy those quality backlinks from Monster Backlinks too.
Domain Age – Index Kings site is approx 6 years old.

2. Y.M.E Daily – Backlink Builder

They will automatically add your site/link to approx 10k different sites and provides you complete report about each statistics.
Domain Age – This site is approx 1 year old.

3. Free backlink generator – BackLinkr

BackLinkr provides your 1000s of backlinks which are high quality backlinks and are frequently crawled by all search engines like Google, Bing etc
Domain Age – This site is just 3 years old.

4. IM Talk – IMT Website Submitter

IMT provides you a good quality 1800 Free Backlink Generator 2018 for your website/blog. In early times, they were provided around 2500+ backlinks. Some backlinks are no-follow and some are do-follow but we really recommend this backlink maker.
Domain Age – This site is approx more than 10 years old as far as we know.

5. Free Backlinks – Free Backlink Generator (2000)

This site will create 2000+ backlinks which directly points to your site/blog and are frequently crawled by Google. You can even mention keywords just like IMT Website Submitter.
Domain Age – This site is 5 years old website.





6. Domain Pinger

They will ping your site to around 2000+ different websites.
Domain Age – This site is 1.5 years old.

7. SEO Unity – Free Online Backlink Builder Tool

SEO Unity will automatically submit your blog/website to 600+ different websites. They will even show you the status of every backlink entry.
Domain Age – This site is 6 years old.

8. Kalsey – Free 2500 Backlinks Generator

They will create instant high quality backlinks for your website or blog. All backlinks are from reputed web info sites.
Domain Age – This site is also 6 years old.

9. SER Backlink – Free Backlinks Generator

With SER Backlinks, You’ll get full report of all URLs, backlinks and pings that you generate. You can even submit your URL with keywords.
Domain Age – This site is 4 years old.

10. ZONE Auto Backlink – Auto Backlinks Generator

This Free Backlink Generator 2018 will provides you 2500+ different places. Some of them are no-follow backlinks and some are do-follow backlinks and regularly crawled by Google.

11. Free Backlink Checker – Check Backlinks for any website

Excel Submit provides your all inbound backlinks which are directly coming from a node. This site also provides alot of services like Free Sitemap XML Submission, Free Search Engine Submission, Free Website Security Scan etc.
Domain Age – This is just 1 year old.

12. Ping your website Free

They will automatically ping your website/blog to approx 2400+ different websites which includes large no of websites that accepts free listing.

13. 247 Backlinks – Fully Automated Linking Services

To get 1000+ backlinks, you need to first fill out your email address at the site and they will send the verification link to your email from where you can only claim free 1000 backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is 2 years old.

14. Get Free High Backlinks with REAL Backlinks

With this site, you’ll get 100+ free real backlinks and most of the backlinks are do-follow backlinks and it hardly less than 2 minutes to build all free backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is around 3 years old.

15. Free Backlinks Generator – ******** Google Backlinks Builder

This site only provides do-follow 100+ backliks with PR2 links in less time and it hardly takes less than 1-3 minutes.
Domai Age – This site is 4 years old.

16. Free SEO Submission with Improve SEO Rank

With ImproveSEORank, you’ll get so many good high quality backlinnks in terms of 100, along with you can even submit your link with keywords.
Domain Age – This site is 5 years old.

17. Link Soar – Backlink Generator

This tool will creates nearly 50 backlinks to your website which definitely boosts your website or blog and will directly indexed to all search engines.
Domain Age – This site is 6 years old.

18. Instant Backlink Builder Tool

You’ll get instant free backlinks with Instant Backlink Builder Tool and all are mostly high quality backlinks.

19. Ping Bomb – Ping Links

Ping Bomb is a free service through which you’ll get so much high quality backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is 4 years old.

20. Small SEO Tools – Backlink Maker

You can generate high quality backlinks with smallseotools with just a single click. All backlinks are valuable, relevant and authentic backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is 6 years old.

21. Backlink Maker with W3Seo

You can generate a large number of high value backlinks in a matter of seconds. Simply enter your website below and click “Submit” to watch the free backlink maker tool do its job!

22. Seo1 SEO Tools

Automatically builds (+2500) of high quality backlinks for your webpage. Generated backlinks on well established websites which are frequently crawled by search engines, quickly helping with SEO and improving your page rank on all search engines.

23. Excite Submit This tool will Submit and Ping your URL to 1,506 Websites and Services with one click.

This Free Backlink Generator 2018 tool will Submit and Ping your URL to 1,506 Websites and Services with one click.

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Disk partition on a Windows 10

disk partition

Disk Partition in Windows 10

In this article we will learn How to disk partition a hard drive on a Windows PC.
Disk partitioning is essentially separating the hard disk into different sections or parts for storage. If you want to try a new operating system without overwriting your main Windows drive, you can do this partitioning the hard drive.

Partitioning the hard disk also makes it possible to multiboot different operating systems. In addition to creating multiboot configurations, you can also use partitions as extra storage mediums for specific files or for backing up important files.

  1. First of all go to THIS PC and right click on it.
  2. After clicking a drop down menu list will show there
  3. Click on Manage
  4. After click on Manage a new window will open
  5. Disk partition on a Windows 10 1
  6. In new window click on DISK MANAGEMENT
  7. Then showing disks in row which are existing in the PC
  8. Now right click on the disk which you want to do  partition
  9. After clicking  a drop down menu list will appear
  10. In showing List select SHRINK
  11.  Disk partition on a Windows 10 2
  12. New bar open in which asking how many MB Use for new Disk
  13. The red box you enter MB’S  (Like if you want 100 GB Partition then you will convert GB’S to MB’S like this 100*1024=102400 MB)
  14. After entering MB’S then click Shrink Button
  15. Now in the dist row showing a new dist with name of UNALLOCATED with black color writing
  16. Right click on new unallocated disk  and click on NEW SIMPLE VOLUME
  17. Now enter information what you want like disk name and etc
  18.  After doing NEXT NEXT NEXT then click ok
  19. Now your Disk is ready to use


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Website Domain VS Website Hosting

Domain vs Hosting

There are several components (Domain vs Hosting) that make up your website, similar to real business is created. The following explains each component from a hosting perspective to help you understand why they are separate things.

Domain Host

Your Website domain name is your address and identity on the internet. The domain host, also called a registrar, acts much like your local government. And controls the license and ownership of this name and where to find the associated website.

Your domain has a periodic cost or license fee that is separate from any website or email service you use.

Several companies offer stand-alone domain name registration. This allows you to secure a domain name without purchasing hosting services. Some website hosting companies combine these services to allow you to more easily manage. Both your domain and your website, but it is important to understand that they are actually separate (Domain vs Hosting).

By keeping your domain registered at a “neutral” registrar, you can choose any web host or email service. Anytime you want without the delays and costs associated with transferring. That domain registration to different domain hosts.  It will not allow you to host a website or utilize email services with your domain.

Web Hosts

Website hosting provides a powerful server, constantly connected to the internet with several high-speed connections and which often offers a specific website software. The server is managed by the hosting company. So you don’t worry about server maintenance, upgrades and configuration (Domain vs Hosting). Envato Hosted is one such web host which specializes in WordPress websites.

By configuring your domain settings at your domain host, you can direct all traffic to your domain name to your website on Envato Hosted. Your domain is the signpost (Domain vs Hosting).

In addition to WordPress, your web space is 5GB of file space you are free to use via a file manager (Domain vs Hosting) or FTP client, just like any web host.

Your website itself is the software and files on your web host that make up the display and content people see when they visit your domain.

Email Hosts

Email is another common service offered both (Domain vs Hosting) domain registrars and web hosting companies. Envato Hosted does not host the email inbox, so you will need to use your registrar’s email service. And a 3rd party service like Google G Suite if you would like an email address/inbox. That uses your domain name. From there, Envato Hosted can easily configure WordPress. So it knows (Domain vs Hosting) where to find your inbox when accepting email through things like contact forms.

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Think about Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing

Networking Business and Multi Level Marketing

We’ve all heard the story network marketing business, if you just tell six friends about this business.  And they tell six friends, who in turn tell another six friends. You’ll be on your way to financial freedom and never have to work again, right?

Let’s face it, whether you call it multi-level marketing, direct sales, or network marketing.  It’s often labeled as a pyramid scheme or get rich quick scam, and frankly.

There is ample evidence to approach it with caution.  However, as I have studied trends in this business model, I have come to a very different conclusion. One that actually suggests that network marketing can play a crucial role. In how well baby boomers and others transition into retirement.


For full disclosure, Telling you that I am not affiliated with any multi-level marketing or direct sales companies.

And that I don’t receive any compensation from the industry for my opinion on it.  I’m sharing this with you because after I wrote what is considered. I was accused of writing it to promote my own MLM business. Or the industry in general, which is not the case.

The interesting thing that most people miss about the major connection between retirement and network marketing. Is that once you strip out the financial aspects, you get a very different picture.   Since the creation of Social Security back in 1935, people have been brainwashed to think that retirement is all about money.  That a successful transition from work-life to home-life requires. The right dollar amount, asset allocation, and spending plan. But that’s just not the case.

In other words, they built their nest egg in a dead or dying tree.  They may not get along with their spouse any longer, don’t have a life or friends outside of work, have broken relationships with their children, or have let their health go in hopes of getting it back later.  They essentially sacrificed some of the things that are most important to them for the benefit of trying to buy them back in retirement.  As a result, when they get there, they can feel lost, out-of-sorts, and struggle with their transition.

Specifically, they struggle to jump start their health goals, to connect with new people, to learn new things, and yearn to be a part of a community.  What I am telling you is that the average retiree is at least 25 pounds overweight, feels tired for some part of the day.

May be moderately depressed about something. Has low self-esteem in one or two areas of life, acknowledges.  They only kind of have a best friend, and overall lead pretty plain lives.

In a nut shell, retirement creates several non-financial gaps for both individuals and couples that need to be addressed.  If they are not, it can lead to the dark side of retirement which can include feeling unfulfilled, bored, and irrelevant.

In a similar fashion, when you eliminate money from the network marketing industry, a new perspective emerges.  Personally speaking, I love talking with people who are in this industry. Because they are always reading, posting, and sharing something inspirational.  They have goals, a dream board, and are generally using the products that they are selling to improve the way they look and feel.

That not only fosters a positive attitude and atmosphere, but also a lot of structure and activity.  Many network marketing companies offer weekly calls, local meetings, and an annual conference.  All of which get members out of the house, building knowledge and developing new skills, while offering them the opportunity to meet new people and deepen existing connections.

First, they create positive momentum.  When people start to lose weight, have more energy, or receive compliments on the way the look, it builds momentum.  They see, feel, and hear the benefits of their work paying off which encourages them to stick with the changes they are making. Second, there is a group effect. Many people struggle to develop and stick with a new health, diet, and exercise program on their own.  But when they do it in a supportive community with others, it’s much easier to get through the tough days and stay on track.  Furthermore, by taking better care of yourself, you are in a position to leave a better legacy than money could ever provide.

This group effect also plays into the vital role that a person’s social network can have on their retirement. Studies show that being around negative, pessimistic or sarcastic people can actually be detrimental to your health.  And many people can get stuck in a rut when it comes to who they hang around. Which means successful aging includes hanging around upbeat, positive people.

Now this is not to say, network marketing can solve all your problems and that every company in the industry is worth joining. That the network marketing model is a low cost. Widely available way to replace some of the psychological gaps you can lose. And may not be able to develop on your own.

It’s also important to note that while I expect there to be significant growth in the ranks of many MLM companies, there will also be substantial growth in businesses that adopt this model and its many benefits.

Coach certification in conjunction with the Retirement Coaches Association.

The formula of future business growth is based on the idea that people don’t just want to retire in a traditional format. The People crave knowledge and want to feel relevant.  Some want to improve their own transition and feel compelled to help others avoid the pain and pitfalls they have experienced.  They desire a supportive community where their opinion counts and they can openly ask personal, business or other questions. And need ways to make new connections through face-to-face interactions.

Whether its network marketing or a new industry. The way to save your retirement is to remove the concept of money.  By doing so, retirees can focus on gaining new skills and knowledge, helping themselves as well as others. Building community through supportive relationships.  And feeling good about the new identity and purpose in retirement!

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