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What is backlinks in seo | Backlinks Sites List 2020

What is backlinks in seo

What is backlinks in seo? When you start looking at the history of back linking there was a lot of really spammy things that people used to do. Wwith private blog networks and these kind of things that just Google started really devaluing all those kind of backlinks.  And they’ve gotten to a better place where now everything is much more earned. And they’re looking at all these different signals that go with backlinks.

If you want to start feeling the love from Google and get your website to start ranking in the search engines. You’re gonna need some what is backlinks in seo in 2020. So today we’re covering backlinks for beginners.  If you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine. We show you all best tips tactics and secrets to get there fast. You need to succeed online when it comes to getting your site ranked on Google searches. The trendy advice of the day everyone just says you know create great content.

Which is great and you should be creating great content but just having great content in. And of itself is only gonna get you.  So far getting backlinks from other websites is still a huge ranking factor for Google.  It basically signals to Google and all the other search engines that your site is actually good enough to warrant sharing.

So, you really want to focus on or white hat techniques which are basically by the book. And the way Google wants you to do it, so that you never end up getting penalized by Google which can really suck.  And it can take you a long time to kind of get back into their good graces if you’ve if you’ve fallen off.  So everything discussed in this article today is going to be purely white hat.  It’ll never get you penalized and it will keep you rising through the ranks hopefully.

Now we should mention before we get started that some of these techniques are going to rely on you having good quality content on your site. First, because a lot of times it’s much harder to get people to link to your homepage or a product page or a service page.  They’re much more likely in a lot of cases to link to a great article or a great video you’re just gonna get. Many more people to say yes to link to a great article or video on your site.  Rather than a product page but the good news is any length.  You get to any page on your entire website is going to benefit your entire website.


Best ways to generate backlinks sites list in 2020 | What is backlinks in seo?

Here are five of bestways to get these backlinks and tell Google that your business is the one that they should be pushing to the top of your customers searches. First tip may not be surprising but  to get into some really interesting ways of doing this and to really up your chances of getting it of making it work for you.

  1. Guest posting

So if you don’t know what this is basically you were writing blog posts for other people’s blogs and then they are linking back to your site in the author bio.  This usually works,  first find relevant blogs that are in your niche and then you reach out to the blog owners and you pitch them your idea.

But here are a few problems with this over the past few years, blog owners have been getting inundated with really spammy blog post requests.  Means this WebHike Blogs we get these all the time, and we pretty much ignore 99% of the requests I get and that’s mostly because they come from these really unrepeatable article farms that really only are looking for a link. They’re really not interested in writing a good quality article, which leads to the next problem which is it’s really hard to know sometimes which of the blog’s you may find a blog that is in your industry.  But how do you know they actually take guest posts anymore because a lot of them including our blog we don’t take them anymore just because of all those really spammy requests.

We always get so we gonna help you tackle each of these problems one at a time.  First to find those blogs that actually do still accept guest posts here’s what you’re gonna do so first find someone in your nudists tree who writes a lot of guest posts and make what is backlinks in seo.  I suggest finding them on Twitter and then just copy the URL of the headshot they use in their profile photo and then paste that URL into a Google reverse image search, then the results will all be pages where that photo appears.

Otherwise known as their guests posts around the web because every time they write a guest post that image is usually going to be showing up in the bio section.  So that’s a really cool way to find your opportunities but so how do you pitch them your idea in a non spammy way just be a human being.  Just don’t try to take shortcuts and write a really templated email to everybody.

Make sure every time you reach out to a blog owner it’s personal and you’re actually pitching a couple ideas of articles and that’s really important so don’t just say hey do you mind if I write an article for you.  Say hey I’ve got these two or three ideas and here’s what they are would you like to see a draft of any of them, alright next up we have link roundups so what that is is you know.

A lot of blogs around the web will like to link to good quality content and they’ll usually do that periodically maybe they’ll have a weekly roundup or a daily roundup or monthly where they basically say hey these are the links we liked best this week.

So what you’re gonna want to do is just go to google and type in a search like this type in your keyword phrase or your industry plus link roundup or plus roundup or best of or this week this month etc and just kind of find those opportunities based on those searches.  Once you find the right websites you’re just gonna reach out in a very similar way as we talked about for guest posting.  You’re just gonna reach out to the blog owner with a really simple email and actually recommend using this sample script. Anytime you’re gonna reach out to a blog owner do a little bit of homework first and make sure you’re sending the email to the right person and you actually use their name because if someone who gets these kind of pitches a lot from this blog.

We can really tell you how big of a turn-off it is when it’s written ‘to whom it may concern’ or sometimes we get just a random name that no one even works here by that name.  So, do a little bit of homework and make sure you’re writing to the person. Just like webhike Blogs also accept guest post. But we only publish those article that are relevant with our website categories. To request for guest post just send us the form  so, you can add our website in what is backlinks in seo.


  1. Links from podcasts

Podcasts are becoming more popular than ever before and the cool thing about them is there really is a podcast for everything even you know so-called boring niches.  If you find yourself in one of those and they all need content on a weekly basis or however often they produce and most of these podcasts are actually interview based. And they’re looking for experts you can come on and talk at length about a certain subject.

So how does this translate into a link for you, basically if you were to go on a podcast they’re going to usually link back to your website in the show notes from their website.  The cool thing about this is they’ll usually link to just about any page you want them to including a home page or a service or a product page.  So, if you have an area of expertise and we bet you do all you really need to do is go to iTunes and just do a simple keyword search for podcasts in your niche.

And when you find them they always have a link to their websites you can go directly there.  On their website they almost always have a contact page so get in touch with them and just pitch yourself and pitch your idea by this you can add this link in your what is backlinks in seo.

We recommend you a few things here. I definitely recommend listening to at least in one episode so you have something you know a little more personal to bring up or to compliment or to comment on that’s really gonna make your email pitch stand out much more.  Along those same lines I definitely recommend subscribing to their podcast giving it a 5 star rating and then letting them know that in the email.  Then let them know that you think you would make a great guest to talk about fill in the blank so the trick is to make it specific. Also we  would recommend is look at the list of episodes they have to see what they’ve already covered and what blindspots you could go in and fill in with a topic that you really know something about.

We should say you probably don’t want to go after the biggest podcasts out there to start they probably have a lot more competition for guests so go after you know smaller ones to start and then once you have a few interviews then you can start bringing that to the table for the bigger fish.  To get better and bigger links as you go forward okay and along these same lines you can be a go-to source for media outlets because you know it’s one thing to get links from smaller websites.  But it’s quite another to get them from the big boys you know New York Times Forbes, Huffington Post, and it sounds hard to get those right.


  1. Backlinks from News Website

Well it’s not always as hard as you think what if we told you that there’s a website out there whose only job is to connect experts with journalists and bloggers that are looking for sources.  That website exists and it’s called help a reporter calm. Just sign up as a source fill out a simple profile that indicates your areas of expertise and you’ll start getting emails about articles that are looking for sources just start responding to the ones that you think you can add value to and see who responds.  Now this isn’t a slam-dunk you may have to actually start responding to a few of these before you get any response back but as long as you respond in a professional and polite way you’ll probably start getting some really reputable backlinks.  Just for providing a written response to a specific question I actually got a link from The New York Times this very way okay and that brings us to my favorites method of getting backlinks. This is a good way to add these kind of backliks in your what is backlinks in seo

And this is our favorite because rather than creating a bunch of articles or a bunch of different kinds of content or going on a bunch of podcasts you basically create one really good piece of content and then you spread that around the web.


  1. Mini multi media guest posts

Basically you have to create one really great piece of content, it can be a video,  infographic or even a podcast. Then you pitch a bunch of different blogs in your niche. That content is in that email you’re going to link directly to that piece of content and you know the video or the infographic.  But then you’re also going to offer to write a unique mini post to accompany it you know this is a great scalable way to get a lot of backlinks from one piece of content.

Then basically rewrite the same mini article a bunch of different ways so that it ends up being unique to each individual blog.  The post we did this a few years back with this infographic and we had it published on around 50 different blogs around the web.  And if you want to create an infographic but you’re not a designer that’s fine all you need to do is really find a good article or a piece of content to base it on you know where’s the information coming from.  And then you can usually hire a designer for you know around 100 and 250 dollars who will actually take that content and bring it to life for you.  We recommend just going to the Envato Studio website and just typing in infographics in the search bar and you’ll find a bunch of really talented designers to do this for you.

If you really want to up the positive responses you know the yeses you get to this I would actually recommend spending a little bit more and hiring a designer to create an animated infographic. These just look way cooler and the novelty of it is going to result in more people interested in posting it and the good news here is you can probably make it a little less involved and shorter. If it’s animated okay.


  1. Outsourcing Backlinks

Last bonus tip is, if all of this sounds good but maybe you don’t quite have the time to be building all these backlinks yourself it might actually make more sense for you.  Just to outsource your link building efforts there’s a company we use called the WebHike that does really great work and they start at around 50 dollars. For some really basic link building and they go up to with several hundred dollars for more advanced but they do a really good job. We have the millions of list of High PA, DA what is backlinks in seo that can help your website to rank and generate tons of traffic.


what is backlinks in seo | Backlinks Sites List 2020 DA 62 DA 60 DA 78 Business Profile Site
DA 67 Business Profile Site DA 86 RSS  Sitee like alltop DA 69 Blog submit site Education site DA 60 Health Niche DA 71 DA 79 Real State Niche DA 82 Technical Niche DA 84 Fashion Niche DA 91
ClimateWise (Insurance)
ClimateWise (Insurance)
Accueil ClimateWise (Insurance)
TieLabs HomePage
Percanta kocht: Feigenhuhn
Home htp://



We tried to answer what is backlinks in seo and been using these all for a few years. Now with some really great results and uses all the above backlinks sites list of 2020 or other methods discussed above. Now we want to hear from you via comments. We want to know which of these tactics are you excited to start using in 2020. What is backlinks in seo? the answer is simple, to start building up some really great backlinks to your website. We want to know which one or if you have any other tips that we may missed please leave those in the comment section below. As, well and if you’re not subscribed our newsletters yet you’re not gonna want to miss out on any future articles. So, just click subscribe button right over to subscribe our newsletter.


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How Platforms Like Getresponse Are Useful for Small Businesses

How Platforms Like Getresponse Are Useful for Small Businesses

Digital marketing is our present and future, and email strategy is an integral part of it. Sometimes denied, and sometimes more than useful, this online advertising method is the foundation of spreading the word about your brand, product, or the business itself.

If you’ve started a business, but you’re not satisfied with how everything goes – you need to apply some changes. When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, you probably should consider hiring a professional or using some useful tool.

If you take a look at the Getresponse review, you can find out how auto responder platforms can be useful tools. They can help you by using some of their various services that will further assist you in building a profitable business.

Autofunnels, email marketing, webinars, and landing pages are some of the things you’ll get from using this tool. Some or all of them can help you build a more extensive user database for your business, creating and implementing a successful advertising strategy.

Importance of Autoresponders

Autoresponders are what make your business lives much more manageable and acceptable. In the fast-paced lives we live these days, responding to various messages and emails can take a lot of time. That’s the main reason behind the use of autoresponders these days.

When you set up your system so that autoresponders can take over some basic daily tasks, you’ll have much more free time to perform some more essential things for your business. Let professionals set up your software, and you can put your focus on more important things.

Platforms dealing with automated email responses will take care of welcoming emails, first-respond messages in messaging apps, ‘thank you’ emails, and much more. Communicating with your customers regularly help you build long-term relationships with them, and eventually, make them do something good for you.

When someone signs up for your newsletter or onto your website or after they make a purchase, they’ll receive a corresponding confirmation email. They are now in your data base (voluntarily, without compromising privacy), which means they allow you to communicate with them this way.

About Autofunnels and Their Importance


Funnels are created to assist you in managing different segments within your business, making all processes on your website much easier for the visitors, along with the increase in conversion rates. These sets of steps will help with directing visitors to your webpage, which will further encourage them to place an order.

Funnels may start with creating an Instagram or Facebook ad that should entice your potential customers. When they click on your banner or pop-up window, they’ll be redirected to your landing page.

There, they can choose to become a part of your mailing list or even sign up for your business offers and webinars. Or they can deny all off that because of your poor content and not being convincing. What to do to keep visitors on your website and make them come back again, find out on this page.

Autofunnel features can significantly improve your business and increase sales each month. Lead funnels will help you get more interest in your business, while webinar funnels will allow you to share your knowledge of a specific topic. Taking all these steps will generate higher revenue.

Setting up a marketing funnel is an expert job for Internet marketing companies. It requires knowledge of many Internet services, so avoid dealing with someone who don’t have a clue of what works. The potential effects of a well-placed and guided funnel lead to easier and more efficient realization of goals.

Landing Pages Are Essential Nowadays

The main segment of the before-mentioned funnels is a landing page. They are an excellent way of generating more interest in your business. They allow you to collect different information, including information about sales on your website. When users click on your ad, it’s much more effective to send them to a landing page rather than on your site.

When it comes to landing pages, auto responder platforms offer numerous templates for you to choose from, and many more other benefits. Landing pages allow you to generate more interest in your business, and they’ll provide you with sales and information from your website’s visitors.

Developers did their best to design these templates to be entirely responsive on tablets or mobile devices. That allows your customers to fill in their data regardless of the device they use. Personalization of a landing page requires you to insert a relevant image of the things you offer to sell, for example, and the platforms give you access to thousands of free images.

Webinars and Email Marketing


The platform offers email marketing services, which will help you come up with practical and attractive emails to send out to your customers. The content of that mail should bring something different, a value that none of your competition has already offer.

Listening to your users, and making them feel great and worthy, will helps every business owner increase orders, engagement, and loyalty. Using this platform also allows you to compose and send a variety of emails, including one-time emails like a newsletter, which you can send to your entire mailing list or only to a specific part of the list.

Autoresponder tools can help you with sending follow-up emails, as well as thank you emails, confirmation emails, etc. Whether your potential customers sign up for your website and your newsletter, the autoresponder will send them a confirmation or a thank you email. Also, when they make a purchase, they’ll receive an order confirmation email as well.

The platform also allows you to live-stream webinars to your target audience. These types of online sharing of knowledge help with generating more clients and more significant sales. Live-stream can be either on Facebook or YouTube, and engage users. They will be able to ask questions, create polls, etc.

On the following page, check how live-stream can boost your online marketing strategy:

These platforms have several hundred dedicated employees, and all of them are experts in their line of work. Their hard work will pay off when you manage to move your business forward towards success. The benefits you’ll gain from utilizing auto responding tools are vast, and you won’t regret your decision for a single moment. You should Click Here for more help.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips From Sacramento SEO Service Professionals

Search Engine Optimization

Things are changing. Someone may say that they’re changing too fast. You can’t always keep track of them. Sometimes when you finally learn something, you find out that the rules don’t apply anymore. So, you’ll have to update your knowledge. For some people this is hard. But, you have to adapt. You have to learn these new things. That is if you want to succeed. So, really it’s up to you.

Naturally, SEO tactics have evolved. Once, everything seemed to be so simple. But now the internet has evolved so much that you can’t always follow what’s happening. There are some new search engines and browsers. They all function in their own unique way.

It took a long time for people to find out how they functioned. Now, we know that search engine ranking is influenced by a lot of factors. You can’t always control them. Your power is limited. But that doesn’t mean you can give up. You can read how to make choosing easier on this link

It can be hard for some website and business owners to keep up with all the SEO changes. This is where hiring a professional team comes in handy. There are many firms in Sacramento that do this. So, you have so many options to choose. Before you choose, you have to get your goals in order. You have to know your aims. Then, you can go and contact a SEO provider.

Simple recipe

You should start with your own image of how you think your website should look like. You can this to the IT people. They will tell you their thoughts. You have to know that they think differently from you. You should listen to them. You may have to make some changes and improvements. But all of this will work in your favor. You can make your site focus on one theme. From then on you can do whatever it takes to succeed.

Keep in mind how search engines work

A little research on how each search engine works will help you a lot. You will know what to do. Also, you will know what not to do. Making your page focus on one single theme will do wonders. It will make things easier for search engines to classify you. The process will be quicker. You could improve your language. You want everyone to understand what you’re saying. Focus on your posts as well.

You could also think about the importance of keywords. What do people search for? Make sure you put those words on your site. That is how people will be able to find you, especially those in Sacramento. You could also put them in titles of your posts. There are many strategies how to find out which words matter the most. You could try to see which strategies work for you. You can read more about it here.


Make sure you keep up with these changes. One thing may be important now. But that doesn’t mean anything. Things can change really fast. So, it’s nice to have some professional SEO providers by your side. They will update you. So, you can make all the necessary changes to your site. You will be up to date. You have to understand what is happening. Sometimes, you may anticipate what’s going to happen.

Influence of social media on SEO

In the last few years, social media has a huge influence. It has certainly influenced our lives a lot. We can’t imagine a single day without checking out Instagram or Facebook. Everyone does it. Naturally, social media has influenced SEO as well. So, you can’t go wrong if you put your page on social media. Try to make a Facebook page as well. Sponsor it on YouTube or Instagram. Do whatever it takes to climb up the search engine rankings.

What is your best weapon?

A lot of providers will have a different answer. They may give you different advices. That depends on your company and your business aim. Each strategy should be different. When you contact a professional, they will have to do analysis on your site and business. Then, they can develop a plan. You have to follow it. You could always check out your ranks. You should check out some help.

You definitely can’t go wrong with quality content. Pay attention to what you post. You could always check out the things that are trending now. Make sure you hire quality SEO writers. You won’t have to worry about anything then. You can relax. You will watch your status rising. However, you should keep in mind that everything takes time. You should be patient. Some results take a while to be seen. You should click here for more help.

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The best backlinks checker


In this article we will tell you bout the best backlinks checker of 2019. As, there are many backlinks checker you can find on internet but these are not get full results. It means that most of the information is not shown to you and most of them are paid. The most trusted and free backlinks checker is “SEO Review Tool”. It uses the API of ahref website which is most trusted backlinks checker in market.

How to get High DA Dofollow Backlinks in seo

First of all you need to generate backlinks for your website if you have. Read our article in which we mentions the High PA, DA backlinks list of 2019. And you can get tons of backlinks instantly by reading the methods written. Also if you need backlinks for your business website then you need the high DA directories. And submit your website link to that directories and get high DA backlinks. Read our dofollow backlinks directoris list.

SEO Review Tool 

Here is the best and most authentic free backlinks checker: Valuable backlinks. It shows the list of 60 backlinks of your website. But here is the trick from which you can also find other backliks. Just filter the backlinks by clicking on the “Nofollow” or “Ahref domain rating” as shown in picture below. An there are also other filters you can use by clicking.


This backlinks checker list show only 60 urls. From here you can also check your competitor nofollow, dofollow backlinks. And create your backlinks where your competitor have (another good tip).


SEO Checker

We are including this topic in this article is because most of the people think that after creating good looking website and then generating backlinks in seo is the only job. Its not just easy,  we will tell you what’s the proper way is. At first, audit your complete website from SEO Checker. After you fix all issues in your seo if you have. Also make sure that your website follows all others rules of basic SEO. Then after this you will move forward to backlinks generation and then check your backlinks from backlinks checker. This is the whole process.

For complete SEO services and to make your website top of all others. Get our SEO services today.

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7 SEO Issues Check-2019


Most people acknowledge that something value accomplishing takes work. It takes time associated energy to urge a valuable come back on an investment. This principle is one that you just will apply to several areas of life, one in all them being your programme improvement (SEO) campaign.

You probably recognize you shouldn’t expect to enhance your site’s rankings nightlong. however if you’re getting
to pay time and cash on one thing, it’s cheap to expect to check a profit at some purpose. If you never see any improvement from your SEO campaign, then you’re doing one thing wrong.
Here square measure seven issues that may be stopping you from increasing your site’s rankings

1. Quitting as a result of It’s Taking Too Long

Even if you recognize your results won’t be instant, you continue to can be expecting to check them early on.
once some individuals don’t see any improvement among many months, they decide their SEO efforts
aren’t operating and provides up. this can be a slip-up.
How Long will SEO Take?
Skyler Malley of Fire starter SEO in Denver points out that bound variables can impact however long it takes for you to achieve success together with your SEO campaign. you would possibly see the fruit of your labors terribly quickly, however they conjointly may take a moment to develop. despite what, Malley says that “the progress you see within the early stages ought to pale as compared to the results you see at the tip of the primary year.”

2. Abusing Keywords

Keywords square measure essential for you to achieve success at SEO, however don’t overuse them. You don’t wish to pack a bunch of keywords into your content in order that you’ll rank higher. Keyword stuffing won’t serve your readers, and you risk old-time the incorrect facet of Google by doing therefore.

3. Not Accounting for web site History

You need to acknowledge that if your domain or web site has been fined, then your job is that a lot of tougher.
That’s to not say you won’t be ready to get your web site to rank. It simply implies that your job is harder.
an equivalent is true if to procure your web site from a previous owner.
Whoever closely-held the domain before you had completely different|a special|a unique|a distinct purpose
for it and had different contact data. it’ll take you time to make your own history. Of course, it’ll conjointly
take you your time to make your history if your domain is totally new.

4. Neglecting Directories

One directory you wish to say quickly if you have got not however done therefore is Google My Business. Google My Business is a chance to be listed for complimentary on a website with a high level of traffic and authority. Despite what some suppose, alternative online directories square measure valuable for serving to your programme ranking. The key’s to urge your business listed on quality directories, not spammy ones. List your business in as several solid online directories as attainable. certify your name, address, and signal (NAP) square measure consistent across all of your listings.

5. Misusing Backlinks

Backlinks square measure indispensable to SEO. however if you don’t recognize what you’re doing, they’re conjointly an excellent thanks to get your website fined. don’t embrace backlinks that square measure forced, irrelevant, or not instructional to your followers. The key with backlinks is to create certain they’re relevant to your content and work naturally among it. they ought to be educational and clearly support the aim of your posts. If they need these qualities and are available from authoritative sites, your own website can greatly profit.

Moz includes a few suggestions for obtaining backlinks while not acquisition Google’s wrath. you’ll raise individuals you recognize to link back to your journal, goodbye as they are doing therefore in an exceedingly means that’s natural and useful to users. explore for instances on-line wherever individuals have mentioned your business while not linking to you. Then raise them to link to your business. It’s a decent plan to go looking for mentions on a monthly basis.

Something else you’ll do is use Google’s Search Console to seek out times once individuals have tried to link to you, however the links square measure broken. think about doing a happening or a promo, particularly one that advantages individuals. Then raise a journalist to write down concerning and link to you. verify HARO, a platform that facilitates journalists WHO ought to write a story discover businesses WHO might help them out. If your company provides a service relevant to a story you discover through HARO, you’ll connect therewith communicator and find a link to your website.

6. Making Poor Content

You do ought to optimize your content for SEO, however you furthermore might ought to produce content that’s top quality and academic. making sturdy content takes heaps of labor, however doing therefore is vital to increasing your traffic. sensible content advantages your audience and builds your authority. The a lot of niche your content is, the higher your traffic are going to be.

It’s clearly best if you’ll select evergreen topics. however besides having one thing nice to mention and spoken communication it well, there square measure alternative ways in which to capture people’s attention. certify your titles square measure attention-getting which your journal is neat. conjointly certify you’re frequently providing visual content, like info graphics and videos, that get heaps of engagement.

7. Thinking you’ll Manage Everything

As we tend to same earlier, succeeding at SEO isn’t a conventional method. as a result of bound aspects square measure out of your management, your results can have a degree of unpredictability. as an example, the trade you’ve chosen impacts the amount of competition you face. and therefore the level of competition you face affect however exhausting it’ll be for you to rank for sure keywords. Some businesses can have a far easier time ranking than
you’ll just because you happen to be in an exceedingly tougher trade.

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Free Backlink Generator 2018 List | Dofollow Backinks


Here Are The Lists Of Free backlink generator 2018 You Can Use To Get Some Real Dofollow Backlinks :

A Free backlink generator 2018 for ORGANIC TRAFFIC is that the most vital half within the world of SEO (search engine optimization). High DA Backlinks conjointly referred to as incoming links or inward links area unit created by linking an internet web site to a different site. The links of external sites area unit referred to as backlinks. An internet page with many backlinks will get higher ranking on leading search engines, even Google. Google backlink generator are often a superb helper to come up with high-quality backlinks.


The Top 23 sites for Free backlink generator 2018 online

1. Index Kings – The Best Rapid Indexer Online

Index Kings provides you around 15k Free backlink through which you can even submit multiple URLs or complex URLs. If you need some quality backlinks then you can buy those quality backlinks from Monster Backlinks too.
Domain Age – Index Kings site is approx 6 years old.

2. Y.M.E Daily – Backlink Builder

They will automatically add your site/link to approx 10k different sites and provides you complete report about each statistics.
Domain Age – This site is approx 1 year old.

3. Free backlink generator – BackLinkr

BackLinkr provides your 1000s of backlinks which are high quality backlinks and are frequently crawled by all search engines like Google, Bing etc
Domain Age – This site is just 3 years old.

4. IM Talk – IMT Website Submitter

IMT provides you a good quality 1800 Free Backlink Generator 2018 for your website/blog. In early times, they were provided around 2500+ backlinks. Some backlinks are no-follow and some are do-follow but we really recommend this backlink maker.
Domain Age – This site is approx more than 10 years old as far as we know.

5. Free Backlinks – Free Backlink Generator (2000)

This site will create 2000+ backlinks which directly points to your site/blog and are frequently crawled by Google. You can even mention keywords just like IMT Website Submitter.
Domain Age – This site is 5 years old website.





6. Domain Pinger

They will ping your site to around 2000+ different websites.
Domain Age – This site is 1.5 years old.

7. SEO Unity – Free Online Backlink Builder Tool

SEO Unity will automatically submit your blog/website to 600+ different websites. They will even show you the status of every backlink entry.
Domain Age – This site is 6 years old.

8. Kalsey – Free 2500 Backlinks Generator

They will create instant high quality backlinks for your website or blog. All backlinks are from reputed web info sites.
Domain Age – This site is also 6 years old.

9. SER Backlink – Free Backlinks Generator

With SER Backlinks, You’ll get full report of all URLs, backlinks and pings that you generate. You can even submit your URL with keywords.
Domain Age – This site is 4 years old.

10. ZONE Auto Backlink – Auto Backlinks Generator

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21. Backlink Maker with W3Seo

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22. Seo1 SEO Tools

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23. Excite Submit This tool will Submit and Ping your URL to 1,506 Websites and Services with one click.

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Best wordpress themes – Best 70 Themes in 2018

best wordpress themes

you’ll often hear comments about the best wordpress themes and free theme in all over the world. That. Free and best best wordpress themes are risky because they aren’t supported as well. Or they are sometimes designed by amateur developers. Therefore. In some respect this is true. So it’s very important for you to ensure that your free and best wordpress themes is a quality design with decent support. On the other hand. A premium theme generally has solid code and a constant support team to help you out when you’re in trouble.

However. Some free best wordpress themes are just too sweet to pass up. Some of them are not only awesome looking. But they provide functionality better than some of the best wordpress theme you would have to pay for. That’s what we’re looking at today. A group of over 60 free best best wordpress theme that you can proudly call your own. For the price of nothing. Free best best wordpress themes are ideal for hobbyists. Bloggers and people who simply want to make an online journal of their thoughts. But they also work wonders for legitimate businesses that want to save some cash for other endeavours.

From parallax effects to beautiful booking pages. Each one of these themes has powerful components to make you think twice about paying for a free best best wordpress theme. So. Without further ado. Keep reading to learn more about the best best wordpress theme on the market.

To make your website more stunning. Seo friendly. Full responsive. You can contact with webhike developers.  webhike offers complete it solutions for your business specially for business startups. For more update stay connected with webhike blogs.

list of best wordpress themes


sydney free best wordpress themes

the sydney free best wordpress themes is designed for companies and freelancers who want to present a strong online presence. The customization options are rather expansive. With options for google fonts. Logo uploads and more. The full screen slider works nicely for those who want to show off large images or promotional banners. While the full color control offers the ultimate branding environment. Sticky navigation helps people move through your site. And the front page blocks act as somewhat of a drag. And drop interface for professionally designing a clean interface.

The free best wordpress themes is responsive for those who want to view the site on mobile devices. And it comes with over 600 google fonts for modifying your typography. Sydney is completely translation ready for reaching out to those who don’t speak your languages. And the parallax background adds a creative aspect to your site. You can choose between a static image or slider. And implement social icons to send customers to your facebook and twitter pages.

demo  download


free best wordpress themes

when looking at free best wordpress themes it helps to mark down all of the features you would expect from a premium solution. In the case of hestia. The premium features are rather impressive. Yet. You don’t have to pay anything to download hestia and launch it on your wordpress site. Starting off. The best wordpress themes has a simple. Material design for quick setups and beautiful user interactions. The responsive layout looks wonderful on all mobile devices. And the multi-purpose functionality ensures that all sorts of businesses can take advantage of it.

I would recommend the theme to startups and small businesses. As it provides a beautiful slider area for your promotions and explaining what your business is all about. In addition. You can talk about your employees and testimonials for a more personable feel.

The main reason you might go with the hestia free best wordpress themes is because of the woocommerce integration. This brings up elegant and intriguing product listings. With a focus on galleries. The drag and drop content builder is designed for developers of all experience levels. Obviously beginners don’t want to work with code. And advanced designers want to speed up their process.

Some translation tools are included with the free best wordpress themes. And you get custom background settings for branding your site with your own pictures. The one-click install is a bonus. And the mega menus serve as wonderful tools for sending people to hundreds of other pages on your site. Overall. The hestia theme has great potential. So we can’t recommend it enough.

demo  download


talon-free best wordpress themes

for a free solution. The talon free best wordpress themes is pretty impressive. When you take a look at the demo you’ll notice that the large header takes up the majority of the screen. This header works as a slider or static image. Giving you a little versatility with your design. In addition. You receive a simple menu and some overlaying text on the header image. Making it suitable for call to actions. Both buttons and icons are plentiful through the talon theme. Removing the need to go out and find your own. It’s also cool because you get some charts and graphs for visualizing data.

A meet the team module sits on the homepage. Showing off pictures of the people who work for you. Along with links to their social media pages. Feature testimonials in one of the rows. And include a portfolio with filters. The free best wordpress themes options are wonderful for adjusting colors and fonts. While the google fonts are there for improving the way your typography looks. Several icons are packaged in with the talon theme. And you receive some translation files for connecting with people who don’t speak your language. Along with page builder support and a widgetized footer. You can’t go wrong with the talon theme.

demo  download


flash-free best wordpress themes

the flash free best wordpress themes is free. Flexible and completely ready for your multipurpose needs. The responsive free wordpress  theme looks like the ideal solution for any business interested in a modern and professional website. Some of the main features include a built-in drag and drop page builder. Which is particularly rare with free themes. The flash toolkit plugin combines nicely with the over six widget areas. Since both of them let you organize your widgets and other website elements for a more comfortable interface.

This truly is a free theme that’s jam-packed with premium features. For example. You get over 11 custom widgets. And the about page is ready for you to fill in information about your company. The services widget uses icons and images to display your services. And the logo can be uploaded quickly.

We enjoy the call to action widget. Since it’s a little easier than shortcodes when it comes to making your own buttons. The free best wordpress themes includes a spot for showing off your testimonials. And it has a spot for your team member information. Revealing pictures and biographies for those who work behind the scenes. What’s more is that a full. Filterable portfolio comes along with the flash theme. Just in case you plan on wooing clients with your past work.

The slider comes in handy for displaying banner images. And the animated number counter serves those who want to brag about how many clients and projects they have. Along with a full blog. Beautiful color options. Woocommerce support. And social buttons. The feature-set for flash looks better than ever.

demo  download


astrid-free best wordpress themes

the astrid free best wordpress themes is a beautiful choice if you’re looking for a best wordpress themes with several business elements that make your company look professional. The color options and fonts are endless. Empowering you to find your ideal branding solutions. In addition. The full width header image looks like something you would find in a paid theme. And it allows for you to present high resolution photos that represent what it is your company does.

The custom widgets work nicely. While the powerful blog options ensure that you have a chance to improve your search engine rankings and connect with people who are looking for free content. The impressive business layout has a widget for highlighting the people on your team. Along with a module for talking about your services. You can even pair these services with icons to make your presentation look more visual.

The astrid free best wordpress themes is ready for translation. Meaning that people who don’t speak your language can still get a hold of your company. Woocommerce support is provided for selling items through your website. And the responsive design looks wonderful on all tablets and phones. You’ll notice that the header module contains spots for call to action text and buttons. Both of which improve your chances of converting customers.

Talk about what your company does. And use visual graphs and counters to display just how many jobs you have done for customers you have worked with. The team member row has support for pictures and job titles. And the portfolio area reveals small thumbnail images of your projects. Which then link to more information if users decide to click through. Along with testimonials. Client listings and a beautiful footer module. The astrid free best wordpress themes looks like a premium option. But you don’t have to pay a dime.

demo  download


free best wordpress themes

a list about free best wordpress themes wouldn’t be complete without a mention of greatmag. This is the ideal solution for those trying to make a sleek and user-friendly magazine. Regardless of the industry you’re writing about. Greatmag is a visually-focused best wordpress themes. With a responsive design and an onslaught of large featured images scattered throughout the homepage. The free best wordpress theme has social media buttons for building your followings. And you gain access to advertisement space in case you’d like to make a little money for your work. The free best wordpress theme features several bundled widgets for organizing the article on the homepage. And the google fonts are great for making your text look good.

The greatmag free best wordpress themes has translation ready elements for switching languages depending on who you’re writing for. A latest news ticker resides above the header. Giving you a chance to prompt followers when breaking news comes along. The overall benefit of going with the greatmag free best wordpress themes is because it’s insanely clean and filled with widgets. Feel free to share a widget with your most recent posts or consider linking to the most popular articles on your page. We recommend the free best wordpress themes for anyone with a desire to get their feet wet with blogging or magazine writing. The download won’t cost you any money and it gives you the basic tools for leaning the ropes.

demo  download

parallax one

parallax-free best wordpress themes

the parallax one free be best wordpress themes stands strong as one of our favorite free best wordpress themes. The solution includes a beautiful parallax effect that requires a quick image upload. After that users get to enjoy the parallax movement when they scroll down on your page. In addition. The free wordpress  theme has a responsive design. Along with a one page layout for keeping all of the focus on the homepage. This way. It works similar to a landing page. Where your conversions are bound to improve and you don’t have to force your customers to jump all over the website.

The free best wordpress themes has localization built right in. And you get unlimited color options for branding and matching website colors to your logo.

As with all of the best one page free best wordpress themes. Parallax one includes several modules that are pre-designed for editing and inserting your own content. For example. One of them pulls news and events from multiple sources. Keeping your customers updated on what’s coming up. There’s also a spot to share all of your testimonials from past customers. With pictures. Quotes. And links if needed. The easy contact form comes in handy. Since all you have to do is punch in your email address to start getting communications from customers. The free best wordpress themes also includes an embedded map just in case you’re running a brick and mortar shop. Along with team member profiles and social media buttons. The parallax one free wbest wordpress themes has a wonderful set of tools.

demo  download

newsmag lite

newsmag- free best wordpress themes

if considering a newspaper or magazine-style theme. The newsmag lite solution stands out regardless of what type of industry you’re writing about. The free best wordpress themes includes social media buttons. Which isn’t standard for many free best wordpress themes. In addition. You can post banner ads for making a little money from your operation. Each of your categories are broken down with widgets. And the menus are completely customizable. The clean and modern magazine provides four blog page styles. And it works on all mobile devices.

The free wordpress  theme is built using twitter bootstrap 3. And it incorporates font awesome icons for bold titles and branded writing. Both contact forms and google maps can go on your contact page. While the custom front page delivers options like post banners. Sliders. And block styles. The custom backgrounds and menus achieve both branding goals and navigational needs. You also gain access to items like popular post widgets. Responsive video spots. Custom colors. And dynamic widgets. Overall. The customization options are strong with this one.

demo  download


moesia free best wordpress themes

moesia works as a beautiful free best wordpress themes for businesses of all sizes. Since it comes with eleven predefined blocks that you can place on your homepage to build the site you desire. Each of the blocks that go on the homepage have the ability to work with parallax backgrounds. Which is great for grabbing attention when people come to your site. You can even set the background colors for the blocks. Several cool animations and effects are included with the best wordpress themes. And the two blog layouts help with your visual presence.

In addition. Moesia provides google fonts for you to choose your typography settings. Along with a responsive layout for people to view the site on mobile devices like tablets and phones. Moesia also has translation ready features and custom widgets to build your site faster and reach out to new customers. Along with social integration and a custom header. The moesia best wordpress themes is certainly an option to look into.

demo  download


free best wordpress themes

in terms of free best wordpress themes. Allegiant stands out for a few reasons. First of all. The free best wordpress theme has a beautiful. Modern design. With a large header/slider module and icons to highlight your most popular services or products. It looks great for small businesses. Marketing agencies and other organizations interested in a stylish website. The full homepage slider is the first item your customers see. And you can adjust the slides to show off new promotions. Products or features. Quite a few feature blocks are available for quickly inserting information about your business onto the homepage. For example. One of them works nicely for sharing information about the people in your business. While another has images and text for talking about your past portfolio works.

Testimonials come into play when you’re trying to convince potential clients to go with your company. Luckily. One of the content modules is made just for testimonials. Allowing you to paste in a quote and publish it to your website. The majority of these modules come with the free best wordpress theme’s companion plugin. Called cpo content types. It only takes a moment to install the plugin. And it’s completely free. Furthermore. The allegiant free best  wordpress theme integrates with some of the more popular free wordpress plugins such as woocommerce (if you’re trying to build an ecommerce store.) yoast seo. Wpml and contact form 7. Overall. The all giant free best wordpress theme offers a neutral design for your business. Along with the flexibility of a premium theme.

demo  download

anariel lite

free best wordpress themes

demo  download


hueman free best wordpress themes

the hueman theme is a highly rated free theme that you can find directly from the best wordpress themes library. The fully responsive theme works well for all blogs and magazines. And it has a header and footer for placing widgets with ease. The unlimited accent colors and widget areas improve the building experience. And the ten post formats add variety to your site as people scroll through your content.

Localization support is included for translating your content. While social links ensure that customers are aware of the platforms you use to interact with followers. In addition. The hueman theme provides a nice tool for uploading logos. And the threaded comments help you keep the conversation going with your customers.

demo  download


free best wordpress themes

demo  download


shopisle- free best wordpress themes

the shopisle theme is completely free. But it provides some premium upgrades if you decide that you’d like more features. Starting out. The theme includes a responsive design for viewing on smaller devices. We like this for people on the go who would like to take a look at your products and services from a phone or tablet. Not to mention. The majority of search engines give you a boost if your site is responsive. Localization files are packed into the theme. While the woocommerce integration gives you tools for constructing a beautiful online store.

Sell digital and physical products. And use a payment processor to collect fees for all transactions. An easy contact form comes with the shopisle theme. Meaning that you don’t have to go out and find a third party solution.

The about us page supports images and text. And it delivers an interesting take on the way that your brand will be presented to the public. One thing that’s amazing about the shopisle theme is that you receive a full screen header with parallax effects. Upload a high resolution image. And place buttons and text on top of the image to promote events and specials. Overall. This is going to serve as the gatekeeper for your website. So make it look beautiful! The shopping cart module is constantly shown towards the top of the site. While your latest product bundles are situated as widgets on the homepage.

Feel free to insert whatever widgets you desire. And watch as your best products are delivered in a stunning slideshow, Overall. The shopisle theme has tools for both online stores and informational sites. The imagery is impressive. And it doesn’t take much development knowledge to get a professional design.

demo  download


vantage-free best wordpress themes

vantage looks great for any type of business. Particularly in the tech market. Not to mention. It’s completely free! To start. Vantage provides a responsive layout for people who want to view your site while on the go. Also. It integrates rather well with some of the more popular wordpress plugins such as pagebuilder and woocommerce. The woocommerce integration is actually one of the best features. Since you can start selling items on your website without any problems.

Many people use the free theme to build a portfolio. Since it supports high resolution images and you can create a filterable grid with thumbnails and links to some of your best work. Not to mention. The custom background and custom menu allow for brilliant branding opportunities. While the threaded comments assist in building a community where people can chat with you and other followers.

demo  download

zerif lite

zerif free best wordpress themes

zerif lite is one of the first one page themes we’ve featured on this list. So it’s certainly worth mentioning that one page layouts are considered by many to be the future. After all. One page websites are more suitable for the digital world. Placing most of the content on one screen as opposed to forcing people to navigate from page to page. Zerif lite has a premium version if you’d like. And it’s completely responsive for reading on mobile devices. Localization is included. And you can get contacted with the packaged contact form.

Show off your team members with the team modules. And consider placing a call to action in the large header image. Since you receive tools for overlaying text and buttons. Which is perfect for sending people to new product pages or promotions.

demo  download


rocked free best wordpress themes

the rocked best wordpress themes is a beautiful free option for those looking for a modern and responsive website. The theme is great for corporate users. Since it has logo and favicon uploads. Color control. Predefined blocks and more. The cool part of the rocked theme is that it comes with several widgets for implementing modules like for testimonials. Services and other options. And you can even go in there and add your own custom code if it’s not exactly what you expected.

The page templates are there to make things like front pages and full width pages. While the google fonts support lets you select from over 600 fonts. All of which can turn your site into something special. A full fledged blog is included with the rocked theme. Making it ideal for boosting your search engine rankings and giving out free material for your customers.

demo  download

riba lite

riba free best wordpress themes

check out the riba lite theme if you’re interested in a website platform that caters to storytellers. The theme features a beautiful responsive layout. With support for woocommerce if you’d like to start bringing in money for your efforts. Translation files are also packaged into the riba lite theme. Which is wonderful for expanding your reader base and connecting with those who may not speak the same language as you. This is truly one of the better free themes out there for writers and bloggers. Considering the entire homepage is packed with buttons and thumbnails of recent posts.

Your contact information can sit at the top of the site. And various social media buttons are offered for expanding your reach on social platforms.

Feel free to upload your own logo and change around the certain post types. When someone clicks on one of the wordpress posts. You’ll notice quite a few features that are generally only provided with premium themes. For example. Each post has a large featured image. With parallax effects and some overlaying text if you’d like to use that. The written content is pushed towards the middle for easier reading. And the social media sharing buttons are located towards the bottom of each post.

In addition. Comments are activated for chatting with your visitors. Along with recent post suggestions to keep people on your website for a longer period of time. Finally. An author box is included with the riba lite best wordpress themes. Eliminating the need to find a third party plugin for this.

demo  download


make free best wordpress themes

the make theme has a modern look with a large header area for promotional banners and new product images. The responsive layout is a nice touch. And the social integration gives you buttons for you to send people to your top social networks. The drag and drop page builder is a standout feature. Letting you move elements throughout your site without much work involved.

Customize everything from fonts to colors. Along with logos and layouts. Make integrates well with woocommerce for bringing in some money for your company. In addition. Several other top plugins work nicely with the theme. Such as gravity forms. Contact form 7. Jetpack. And wp pagenavi.

demo  download


alizee free best wordpress themes

consider the alizee theme if you’re interested in a grid based option for making anything from photo galleries to portfolios. The theme has a masonry style layout. Making it look similar to the way pinterest is designed. The responsive components look wonderful on mobile devices. While the parallax header adds a unique effect for grabbing attention and prompting people to stick around on your site.

The togglable menus are a unique feature. Since you can implement a toggable social menu or a toggable sidebar on the homepage. Since the theme is made to have several columns. It allows you to select the amount of columns you desire. And the custom widgets are good for anything from embedded videos to recent posts. Some other cool features include font awesome icons. Custom scrolling. Color options and a logo/favicon upload tool.

demo  download


colormag- free best wordpress themes

as you’ll see based on the significant number of high rankings. The colormag theme is rather popular. Why is this the case? To start. It is pretty much the ultimate solution for making a beautiful magazine website. It’s filled with spots to list your own ads. Giving you possibilities for making money for your efforts. In addition. You’ll gain access to various social media buttons. Which is rarely the case with free themes.

Therefore. Your magazine followers have a chance to follow you on places like facebook and twitter. You’ll notice that the majority of the homepage is built with widgets. Enabling those with some wordpress experience to quickly move around and manage website elements. So. If you’d like to place a gallery or recent post list on your homepage. It wouldn’t take long to do so.

Along with custom colors and headers. The colormag theme integrates with just about any plugin you can imagine. So if you’d like to install something like the woocommerce plugin you wouldn’t have any problem implementing an online store. For example. You could upload a decent number of products and collect money with a quick payment processor integration. Overall. The functionality of the colormag best wordpress themes is fairly basic.

You shouldn’t have any problems if you’re not an experienced developer. But more advanced designers will still find it pretty impressive. The simple backend is useful for developers. And you shouldn’t have trouble managing multiple authors who write for your magazine.

demo  download


enlightenment free best wordpress themes

enlightenment is another multipurpose theme with modern and clean elements. Using plenty of white space to put most of the focus on your content. Create unlimited layouts for adding variety to your site as people browse through the site. The responsive design works wonders. Since all of the modules snap into place if a customer is viewing your content on a mobile device.

The custom backgrounds and colors assist with branding. While the featured image header provides a quick way to present a photo on your homepage. Feel free to implement up to four columns. With sidebars and widgets that keep your hands clean of any source code. Along with sticky posts. Threaded comments and translation support. The enlightenment theme is a lightweight solution for all businesses.

demo  download


arcade basic free best wordpress themes

try out the arcade theme if you’d like a lightweight website that reveals a large image header that takes up most of the screen. This header is ideal for telling people about your company or to inform customers about recent promotions. News or product releases. The theme customizer is easy to use. Allowing for the customization of the header. Page layout and site width.

Eight post formats come along with the free download. And these formats include video. Image. Link. Gallery and more. If you install jetpack it helps you display all of your images through a tiled view, And the other compatible plugins help with taking your website to the next level. For example. You can integrate the theme with plugins like bbpress. Buddypress. Wpml and woocommerce.

demo  download


spacious theme

spacious is a beautiful option with a playful and clean layout and plenty of space to include your content. The responsive design is ideal for business sites. Portfolios and blogs. Using four page layouts and two page templates for helping you get your site designed in a short amount of time. In addition. Four blog display types are offered. Along with 13 widgets areas. Which almost turns the backend into a drag and drop interface.

Spacious provides translation options for connecting with people who don’t speak your language. Not to mention. You can choose between dark and light skins for a little branding assistance. The primary color features guide you in reaching a shade that matches your logo. And boxed and wide layouts are there for you to choose between.

demo  download

llorix one lite

llorix one lite theme (1)

as a best wordpress themes. Llorix one has many premium features. For example. You get a responsive design for users who are going to be accessing your content on the go. In addition. The one page layout ensures that much of your content is presented right when people land on your site. The entire homepage is comprised of different modules. All of which you can customize for your own brand. The customizable ribbon is the spot where you’ll tell people what your website is all about.

You can have call to action text and buttons to lead users to other spots in your website. Parallax scrolling presents an interesting way to show off your creativity. This is particularly important if you’re running a site for an agency or freelance business. Keep in mind that a premium version is offered for the llorix one theme. Giving you a chance to upgrade to better features if you’d like.

Upon landing on the llorix one theme demo. You’ll notice that a full blog is provided for boosting your search engine rankings and giving out free content to customers. A contact form is nice for connecting with customers. While the online shop combines with woocommerce for the ultimate online selling experience. One of the one page modules has icons and columns. Which are ideal for presenting your services in a reasonable fashion. We also enjoy the module that highlights people on your team.

Upload an image for each person. And give each of them a little biography. Testimonials are essential for building credibility. And the testimonials area allows you to quickly upload quotes. Images and names. Along with a latest news widget. Social media buttons and an embedded map. Your customers will be able to constantly reach you with the llorix one theme.

demo  download

regina lite

regina lite theme

we enjoy the regina lite theme because it’s a free theme for those companies that focus on the medical field. Sure. It can be used for other businesses. But the majority of the demo content is catered towards hospitals. Doctors and other medicinal companies. To start. The entire theme is responsive. Meaning that anyone who opens the theme on a tablet or phone can see all of your content perfectly. The woocommerce support is a nice touch considering many medical companies sell certain products online.

You may even want to use this theme if you sell niche products such as pregnant mother clothing. Translation files are packaged into the regina lite theme. Making it much easier to connect with others around the world. When you look at the theme demo. You’ll see a beautiful header area with contact information and social media buttons.

The blog is easily created and managed. And the book an appointment button is ideal for doctors who need to manage a schedule. Think about all the time you’ll save by not having to speak with customers over the phone. That said. The header also features an image with overlaying text and buttons. Along with some modules for displaying what types of services you provide. Your team is an essential part of your operation. And many of your clients and patients are going to make a decision based on the people you employ.

That’s why the team member row is so essential to your business. Show off images of your team members. Along with descriptions and links to further information. Testimonials are optional. And the various widgets can be placed in the footer or parts of the header. Overall. This is a wonderful choice for all medical organizations.

demo  download

mh magazine lite

mh magazine lite theme

mh magazine lite is one of the top free solutions for those who want to make an online magazine. The responsive design has various modules for cramming tons of stories onto your site. And they all snap into place when a visitor is viewing the site on a mobile device. You can choose to upgrade to the premium version. But the free options actually provide most of the features you would need to run a successful magazine.

For example. The custom widgets help you drag modules onto your sidebars and footers. And featured images support high resolution photos. And they get cropped to look nice as thumbnails. Mh magazine lite is completely translatable. Meaning people who don’t speak your language can read your content without having to go to google translate.

demo  download



bulan is a free option from theme junkie. And it’s great for professionals and beginners who want to make stunning blogs or online magazines. Bulan provides responsive elements. And it has several page templates and custom widgets for designing the website with ease.

The advanced control panel helps with styling. And the ad management system is an easy way to bring in money for your efforts. In addition. Bulan is localization ready. Meaning you can translate your files into any language.

demo  download



the vega best wordpress themes has a premium look without the price tag. The theme provides a beautiful. Minimal design. Which we like for both personal blogs and regular business sites. The whole point of the theme is to cut down on the clutter and present your information in a clean format for your customers. Therefore. You won’t be overwhelmed by needless settings and design elements on the frontend. What’s nice is that you can configure a one page website or a multi-page one. In addition. You get a fullscreen image banner for uploading one of your higher resolution photographs. We like it for explaining your blog or presenting a new product or service.

The animated content provides a more creative layout for your website. And the pre-built color options give you some variety when it comes to branding your site. The multiple blog feeds can be adjusted by even the most beginner of developers. While the custom css module strengthens the prospects for advanced users. The theme has been tested with woocommerce. Allowing you to sell digital and physical products. Another thing to consider is the stunning parallax background effect. Which we enjoy for grabbing attention with call to actions. Along with recent post lists. Open content rows. And multilingual settings. The vega theme continues to impress.

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Best wordpress themes - Best 70 Themes in 2018 1

the reviews are in and users and bloggers around the internet are saying that generatepress is an outstanding theme. Especially when being used with drag and drop editors like elementor. It’s simple. Sleek. And modern. Allowing for just about any skill level to jump right in and start customizing. The great news about generatepress is that any beginner could install the theme and start blogging within minutes. As for more advanced developers. It’s a fast. Lightweight. And highly customizable best wordpress themes. Not only that. But a premium version is sold for a reasonable price. Which includes everything from beautiful typography to woocommerce support. And sections to advanced menus.

But this is mainly about the free version of the generatepress best wordpress themes. As mentioned. It’s a lightweight theme (at less than 1mb zipped). This is impressive for any theme. And it comes into play when you’re trying to make your blog super fast. In addition. The generatepress theme has clean coding following the wordpress coding standards. Therefore. It’s compatible with all well-coded plugins. Decreasing problems in the long run. The responsive theme can be translated into over 20 languages. And it features nine widget areas for getting creative.

You’ll also find five menu navigation spots. Drop-down menus. And several sidebar layouts. It’s potentially one of the most impressive best wordpress theme on the internet. So give it a try.

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eighties theme

the eighties best wordpress themes is all about putting your content front and center. With a beautiful feed layout where the written content is pretty much the only thing that people can see on the homepage. The header area is responsive and big enough to take up most of the screen. And it has overlaying text options for telling people about your site or a promotion you may be holding with your company.

The menu and sidebars are built so that users only need to see them when they want. Which is nice because people can click on them only when needed. Upload a custom header image or choose one of the featured images from one of your posts. Custom colors. Headers and menus are ideal for branding your site as much as needed. And the translation ready nature of the eighties theme helps connect you with international visitors who may not know your language.

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estore is exactly what it’s same suggests. A best wordpress themes designed for your own online store. This theme is multi-functional in every way. And gives users flexibility for creating their online store. Nearly everything you can think of is included in this theme – multi-language flexibility. Multi-currency flexibility. Spots for advertisements. Membership options. And the ability to showcase different products and categories on the homepage.

The estore theme also gives your past customers the option to review products they’ve bought on your site. Creating social proof that will inevitably create more sales for you in the long run. Though estore is a free theme. It was obviously created for longevity and if you want. You could use this free theme for the foreseeable future!

Take your online store to the next level with estore. A comprehensive best wordpress themes with woocommerce integration. Plus. It’s free – which is definitely a big plus!

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modern best wordpress themes

the modern theme is just that. Modern. It’s designed to work as a portfolio or blog website. And it’s completely responsive for viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. The custom background sits behind a grid-based layout for including links to your posts and small thumbnail images that intrigue visitors to view more. Translation ready code is included. And the header slideshow works wonders for sharing your best work.

Choose how many columns you desire. And utilize the custom header. Colors and menus for making the theme look just how you want it. Modern has a gray and black shade by default. But you can adjust these to suit your brand.

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radiate theme (1)

the radiate theme has plenty of great reviews. And rightfully so. Since it provides a sleek layout with lots of white space to put most of the focus on your content. The header area allows for a grand picture. While the grid based layout below the header is ideal for linking to blog posts or for setting up a portfolio site. The clean and creative theme has a parallax header for grabbing attention. And translation support helps you gain an international audience.

Sticky posts are nice for navigation. And the threaded comments are always great for creating conversation with your most loyal followers. Choose from how many columns you’d like to show on your homepage. And watch as the responsive modules snap into place when you’re viewing the theme on a mobile device.

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virtue theme (1)

the virtue theme provides wonderful options and a modern look for all business websites. The powerful design is completely responsive for viewing on mobile devices. And it has the ability to integrate with woocommerce. Meaning you can start selling physical or digital products from your site.

We like the virtue theme for beginners. But even the most advanced users can go into the source code and make modifications. Translation features are included. And the custom headers and menus add some ways for you to make the site look like you want it to.

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auberge restaurant theme

the auberge wordpress is yet another solid free option. With responsive and retina ready elements for wonderful viewing on all devices. As you can see from the preview, Auberge looks great for coffee shops. But you can also modify it to look nice for any type of food business or blog. Implement the jetpack plugin to make a food menu. And utilize the translation ready code for expanding your audience.

The customizable colors are a nice touch. And the header slideshow works as a wonderful way to show off your best products or even some shots of your store. Threaded comments offer ways to interact with customers. And the various column options make your content look clean and organized.

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true north


the true north theme manages to combine cleanliness and modernism with its strong portfolio tools. When someone lands on your homepage. They can see a beautiful header and an area for you to explain what the site is all about. Not to mention. The portfolio is designed in a grid format with stunning thumbnail images and links to your best content.

The responsive layout is truly unique. And the custom widgets offer the ability to implement items for flickr and twitter. The seo optimization ensures that sites like google and bing know when you have new content. And the powerful options are around for modifying everything from backgrounds to your logo.

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olsen light


with olsen light you receive a little more than just a regular best wordpress themes. That’s the wonder of free options nowadays. Since many of them. Like olsen light. Are much closer to premium solutions than we’ve ever seen before. This is a blogging theme. And it features all of the widgets and branding elements you would need for your blog. For example. Social media buttons are there for connecting with people through outlets like facebook and twitter. Share some of your other posts in a list format. And explain a little about yourself in a small module in the sidebar.

The header is as simple as they come. With lots of white space. A beautiful location for your logo and a customizable menu for guiding people throughout your website. The olsen light best wordpress themes has been getting some solid praise in the form of reviews. And rightfully so.

After all. It’s not too often you find such a clean and elegant best wordpress themes. As you may have assumed. Bloggers are not looking for the most complicated backend and frontend interfaces. Therefore. The olsen light theme does a wonderful job of presenting material in a way that is easily digestible. What’s more is that the blog feed is the main focus on the homepage. Therefore. Users see stunning featured imagery. Large titles. Descriptions and much more to convince them to click through.

The full width template is far more helpful than what you would originally assume. And the responsive layout is sure to improve the number of people who come to your site. After all. Mobile usage counts are increasing every year. Along with a translation ready interface. Threaded comments and a few color tools. The olsen light best wordpress themes brings plenty to the table.

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simple business

simple business wp (1)

we enjoy the the simple business theme. Because it’s just that. A simple theme for business of all types. The sleek and feature rich solution provides tools for wonderful photo optimization. And you receive several font awesome icons for adding some visual elements to your online presence. The google fonts are also a nice touch. Allowing for you to choose your typography.

Simple business is completely responsive. Helping people view on mobile devices. And the awesome options panel has settings for fonts. Sizes. Layouts and design colors. This is a free theme. But you can also upgrade to the paid membership if you’d like to unlock even more features. Not to mention. Nimbus themes offers an additional membership for access to its entire theme library.

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perfetta theme

the perfetta theme offers a clean platform for any foodie business or blog. With large images and a beautiful feed for posting your favorite recipes. It’s a one column layout. So visitors see a feed of your blog. And they can share comments or click through without having to go searching through your website.

It’s this type of simplicity that many companies are looking for. And with tools for custom backgrounds. You don’t need to have any development experience to maintain a professional looking site. In addition. The perfetta theme offers threaded comments for interaction. Along with translation features. Which is nice for connecting with those who don’t speak your language.

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gk portfolio

gk portfolio theme (1)

gk portfolio has a simple design that actually looks similar to an interface you might find from the apple company. The grey and white shades create an elegant environment. And the grid-based layout is ideal for making a portfolio or for sharing links to your most recent blog posts. When you make a portfolio it can be filterable for clients to find the right types of content.

Hover animations are included for some extra effects. And custom backgrounds and colors bring you enough functionality to stay away from the theme source code. In addition. The translation features help you reach a more diverse audience. And the threaded comments create a connection between you and your customers.

demo  download


tracks theme (1)

tracks is a beautiful blog feed theme. With a strong custom header and large typography so that most of the attention is focused on your content. It’s a one column theme. With the blog feed rolling through the center of the page. No one should have any problems reading your content. Since the most recent posts are placed at the top. And it only takes a quick scroll to move onto the next articles.

Tracks is a responsive theme. Allowing for mobile viewing. And it has a logo uploader for quick branding. Not to mention. Tracks has several social media icons. Boosting the chances of people following you on places like facebook and twitter. Along with translation ready support. Threaded comments and a featured image uploader. The tracks theme is a great solution for a blog.

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storefront woocommerce theme

consider the storefront theme if you’re certain that you plan on selling products from your website. This is one of the top choices for those who intend on using woocommerce. Since it not only looks great. But it comes directly from the woothemes company. Several layout and color options are provided for customizing your store. And multiple widget regions come along with the download for quickly managing a clean interface.

What’s more is that the entire storefront theme is completely responsive so that your customers don’t have to worry about getting to a regular computer to buy something from your store. They only need a phone or tablet to make a quick transaction. You’ll also find that the theme provides cool tools for threaded comments. Logo uploads. Color changes and language support.

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albar theme

albar has some solid reviews. And the free theme works quite well for businesses. Portfolios and online stores. Although the theme integrates with many popular plugins. It’s worth noting that woocommerce is very fluent when installing on the albar theme. This allows you to sell both digital and physical products. Bringing in more money for your company.

Some other integrations include siteorigin’s page builder and contact form 7. The custom menu is easy to setup. And the translation ready nature of the albar theme means you don’t have to worry about international readers who don’t speak your language.

demo  download


ignite theme

the ignite theme is a solid free choice. Because it not only provides a few nice looking social media buttons. But the accent colors are fun and the layout is rather clean and professional. The primary reason you would use this theme is to run a blog. Since it utilizes the blog feed layout nicely. There is an opportunity to include a few sidebars as well. And these sidebars have widgets for you to place on your site. Including modules for recent comments. Recent posts and search bars.

The custom background colors provide ways for you to brand your website. While the five fonts expand your possibilities for standing out from the crowd. Ignite is completely responsive for viewing on mobile devices. And the threaded comments are nice for chatting with some of your customers.

demo  download


cannyon theme

if you’re interested in a visual header with overlaying text and buttons for call to actions. The cannyon theme is a solid option to look into. Once you scroll down past the header you’ll find a white and clean area for talking about your company and featuring blog posts. Use widgets for revealing recent posts. Talking about your company’s services and sharing other information like operating hours.

The cannyon theme includes various social media buttons. And they are all colorful and fun. So people are more likely to click on them. Keep in mind that the header area provides a cool parallax effect. Which adds some creativity to your homepage.

demo  download



the estelle theme is one of the more feminine free choices. And it has a responsive design to fit the phones and tablets. Like the ipad. Upload your own logo header with ease. And use the sidebar and footer to drop in your own widgets. The navigational menu is clean and playful towards the top of the page. And the entire blog feed is accessible right from the main page.

Feel free to feature a small biography about yourself in the sidebar. And incorporate high resolution images to grab attention on your site. The estelle theme truly is a blogging theme for feminine topics. So consider trying it out if you plan on sharing posts on anything from fashion to travelling.

demo  download



the onepress best wordpress themes is by far one of the best free themes out there right now because of its simplicity and professionalism. The theme is constructed to help out businesses. Large and small. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling mobile apps or gardening services. This is the market standard for the way you should present your business online. To start off. The woocommerce plugin integrates with the onepress theme. So it’s also a wise choice if you plan on selling physical or digital products from the comfort of your own website. Moving on. The theme delivers a beautiful responsive layout. With a wide range of backend and frontend features.

For example. The slider is one of the more powerful solutions we’ve seen from free templates. With support for high resolution imagery. Overlaying buttons and bold text that is bound to grab attention and push users to other parts of your website.Showcase your features and services in columns. Next to icons that are designed to make your website more visual. Onepress is a completely onepage layout. Which goes along with the responsive construction.

You’re guaranteed to help your users move around the site a little easier with this design. Since they don’t have to jump around and click on a ton of buttons to find what they want on a smaller device. A parallax effect is implemented in some of the background modules. While the our team section is perfect for showcasing the people who work behind the scenes.   A latest news modules is sure to keep your content updated on a regular basis. And the contact form cuts out the need to go out and get a third party option. The same goes for the several social buttons.

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stanleywp is all about featuring your work in a simple manner. And although it’s free doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in features. Stanleywp is a twitter bootstrap theme. And it provides a cute and playful design for sharing your thoughts and potentially becoming a full time blogger.

The theme options panel is simple to manage. And the drag and drop homepage builder is wonderful for beginners and advanced users who don’t want to mess around with any source code. Portfolio post types are offered for managing a collection of your greatest work. And font awesome settings are included as well. Along with a responsive design and three page templates. You can’t go wrong with the stanleywp theme.

demo  download



the instantwp theme is another one of the trendy themes that takes advantage of a large header area. Which also includes overlaying text for explaining what your business is all about. The minimal best wordpress themes is great for displaying portfolio items. And the blogging tools are wonderful for building a presence online.

The theme options panel is one of the simplest we’ve seen. And the drag and drop homepage builder makes it so that you don’t have to code your own elements. The responsive design goes well with the font awesome selection. While the navigational menu is nicely placed in the upper right hand corner so it doesn’t cause any distractions.

demo  download


shibui minimal portfolio best wordpress themes

the shibui theme offers some rather unique elements with its portfolio best wordpress themes. Since it uses a minimalist layout for putting most of the focus on your content. And you can use the masonry layouts for nicely organizing your work into columns for your potential clients to scroll through quickly.

Not to mention. The shibui theme supports infinite scroll. Meaning that you technically don’t have to create multiple pages on your site. Instead. All of your content can go on a single page so that customers can scroll through everything without jumping around the site. The responsive theme is easy to customize. And it provides beautiful slideshows. In addition. You receive translation support. Page templates. Backgrounds. Widgets and custom menus.

demo  download


ward theme (1)

the ward theme is not only a beautiful theme for companies that want to look professional. But it provides some playful elements for a responsive and fun experience. Customize your own background and play around with the site width to fit what your company wants to represents itself as. Eight post formats come along with your download. These post formats include video. Quote. Link and gallery layouts.

Both bbpress and buddypress are compatible with the ward theme. And google fonts are available for you to modify what your typography looks like. It’s also worth noting that when you install the jetpack plugin you receive several other tools for making the theme much better.

demo  download


justwrite theme

the justwrite theme name says it all. Since this free option has the tools and settings to make a clean and easy to use content creation atmosphere. The theme looks nice for both blogs and magazines. And has clean modules for showing off your latest articles.

Custom colors and headers are provided for you to play around with. And the custom widgets are useful for placing into the footer and sidebar areas. Translation support comes with your download. Which is nice for reaching out to people who don’t speak your language. In addition. The responsive layout looks great on smaller devices.

demo  download

metro x

metro creativex

the metro x theme has a unique look with a default black background and thumbnail images and links for showing off your most recent blog posts. The navigation is at the top of the page. But you can also implement several widgets in the sidebar. Adding to the options that people can click on.

Localization is included with the metro x theme. Allowing for a more international audience. The responsive design is nice for people who want to view the site on mobile devices. And the custom post formats add some variety to your site.

demo  download

portfolio press

portfolio press theme

the portfolio press theme is all about presenting your past work in a clean format. Using small thumbnail images that are automatically generated when you upload your content. The navigational menu is at the top of the page. But the grid based portfolio format is the where most of the focus is placed.

The responsive design allows for all of the theme elements to snap into place when someone is viewing the site on a tablet or phone. In addition. The translation features ensure that everyone throughout the world can understand what you’re saying. Portfolio press is primarily designed to help people make portfolios. But it works just as well for regular blogs.

demo  download


patus theme

the patus theme is a free theme with a little less popularity than some of the other choices we’ve outlined. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance. To start. Patus has clean lines and plenty of white space to insert your content. It’s perfect for blogging. Since the blog feed sits to the left and it’s not hard for people to find the navigational menu at the top.

Several widgets are incorporated into the theme. Allowing for you to implement tools for social media buttons. Calendars. Recent posts and more. The custom backgrounds and colors improve your branding. While the custom colors only add to the possibilities for your design. Along with sticky posts. Translation features and threaded comments. There’s no reason this theme shouldn’t be on your radar.

demo  download



the magazine theme offers a way for you to get an online magazine up and running within just a few minutes. Tons of plugins are compatible with the theme. And you can incorporate various widgets in the sidebar and footer areas for cramming all the content you need into the site.

Quickly upload a logo. And use a widget to reveal the hottest and most recent articles that end up on your online magazine. The navigational menu is situated towards the left hand side of the page. And it doesn’t take up much room. Which is a nice touch. This navigational menu also reveals social media buttons for pushing people to sites like facebook and twitter.

demo  download


semicolon theme

the semicolon theme is an extremely clean theme for your wordpress site. With lots of white space and crisp thumbnail images for featuring your most recent blog posts. A few social media buttons come along with the download. And you can implement some widgets for talking about your blog and revealing your most popular posts.

The default color is blue. But you can change around the colors to better meet your branding requirements. The featured images show up nicely. And the threaded comments are there for you to chat with your followers. Semicolon is completely responsive for people to view it when they are travelling and using mobile devices. Not to mention. The translation ready settings are great for connecting with visitors who don’t speak the same language as you.

demo  download


onetone theme

the onetone theme provides a a one page layout for businesses that have a creative flair. You’ll notice that the header area supports large high resolution images. And you can even implement a video if you’d like. Overlaying text is supported. And several social media buttons come with the download for improving your follower counts on your social platforms.

Several sections come packaged with the onetone theme. Including spots for services. About information and clients. The gallery module is rather handy. And the parallax scrolling background grabs attention in an instant. Font awesome icons add some creative elements to your site. And the favicon and logo uploads are done within just a few seconds.

demo  download


match wedding best wordpress themes (1)

the match theme is one of the top free wedding best wordpress theme. Since it provides a clean interface with an area for uploading a picture of the happy couple. The responsive layout lets wedding guests view the site on mobile devices. And the post formats and featured images empower the site moderators to customize to their desire. The custom menu and background are wonderful for improving the site as well.

Several widgets come along with the match theme. And you can even create a full blog for keeping guests updated about recent announcements and dates. Match has threaded comments. Which is a handy feature for chatting with the people who may be coming to the wedding.

demo  download


ample free theme

the ample best wordpress themes is a multipurpose theme that you don’t have to pay a dime for. Its responsive layout ensures customers can view on mobile devices. And the professional look is ideal for businesses such as marketing firms and tech companies.

Ample provides several customization features such as custom menus and backgrounds. Along with custom headers and colors. The threaded comments create a community-based system. Where you can chat with your site visitors who may have questions about your company. Along with translation support. The ample theme is a rather nice solution for your business.

demo  download


pictorico portfolio theme

the pictorico theme is an interesting option for those trying to make a portfolio website. Instead of leaving any white space between the portfolio items. The pictorico theme crams them all together to provide a creative and fun way to show off your past work. It’s a grid-based portfolio layout. With responsive elements so that all of these thumbnails snap into place when viewed on a mobile device.

Photobloggers would also find this theme helpful. Since it’s all about putting the attention on the visual elements. A logo upload area is available in the upper left hand corner. And threaded comments allow for chatting with people who visit your site. Along with custom headers. Colors and backgrounds. The pictorico theme is worth looking into.

demo  download



everal is a powerful free website option. Using a clean and modern interface with responsive and highly customizable elements. It’s translation and multilingual ready. But the true strength comes out in the overall layout. With a large header area and slider with buttons for users to click on in order to see additional content.

The primary blog feed is displayed on the homepage. And the sidebar can be utilized to implement widgets and other fun content. For explaining what your site is about and for linking to recent posts that others may enjoy. This theme is actually quite similar to a premium offering. Since it has shortcodes for making anything from progress bars to buttons. In addition. You receive multiple sidebars and typgraphy options.

demo  download


pinnacle theme (1)

pinnacle provides a professional looking layout with versatile settings and styles. Its flat design is completely responsive for looking nice on mobile devices like tablets and phones. Not to mention. The woocommerce integration allows for webmasters to create full ecommerce stores. To sell merchandise and bring in more money.

The pinnacle theme is perfect for businesses. Online stores. Portfolios and personal blogs. And it comes with translation support for building your customer base or readership. Finally. You get several customization settings such as custom headers. Colors and menus.

demo  download

delivery lite


test out the delivery lite theme if you’d like a free magazine style website built just for tech publications. Tons of settings are offered through delivery lite. And you can even upgrade to the paid version if you’d like to take your business to the next level.

The logo upload area places your logo on the upper left hand corner of the site. And the several widget offerings assist with anything from recent post modules to about us information. Several custom menus are presented in your settings area. And you even gain access to a search bar for helping users move throughout your site with ease.

demo  download

asteria lite

asteria lite theme (1)

the asteria lite theme offers a clean and responsive look and feel. Using a beautiful slider for presenting anything from promotions to recent posts. You get ten social icons to play around with. And the three page templates add some variety to your layouts. Create your own blog for improving your search engine rankings. And implement varying fonts for improving your branding.

The header area includes support for overlaying text and buttons. Which is ideal for sending users to sales and informational pages. The theme integrates rather well with plugins like woocommerce and contact form 7. And translation settings are there for you to connect with those who speak languages like german. Spanish and italian.

demo  download

mh purity lite

mh purity lite theme (1)

check out the mh purity lite theme if you want a free theme that works similar to that of a premium one. What’s cool about this theme is that if you want to take your company to the next level. You can upgrade to the paid version. Mh purity lite is wonderful for magazines. With clean and modern modules for fitting tons of content on the main page.

The goal is to make a dynamic news website. Utilizing white space. And small thumbnail images that prompt people to click through. Mh purity lite has custom backgrounds. Colors and headers. Along with a nifty custom menu. The responsive layout is nice for when viewed on mobile devices. And the translation features increase the amount of people who can understand what you’re saying.

demo  download


aviator theme (1)

the free aviator best wordpress themes takes white space to the next level. Since it has plenty of room for your content to breathe. The clean and dynamic appearance works wonders for blogs. Businesses and portfolios. While the page builder integration assists in preventing the need for touching any source code.

A custom menu is included with your download. And the responsive layout ensures that everyone who views your site can actually read it. No matter what type of computer or device they are using. The threaded comments are nice for interacting with your visitors. And the translation support connects you with people all over the world.

demo  download


indie theme (1)

try out the indie theme if you need a user friendly blog with clean modules and a beautiful header image. This theme is truly a blogging platform. Hence. The blog feed is the primary focus on the homepage. And you can upload a logo and explain what your business is about in the header area. The sidebar works well with all of the widgets. Helping you implement areas that show off recent posts and recent comments.

Indie offers custom menus. Headers and colors. And it has up to four columns for fitting loads of content in for your visitors. Translation features are provided. And responsive modules snap right into place when viewed on mobile devices.

demo  download

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Backlinks in SEO | Dofollow Backlinks

backlinks in seo

Dofollow backlinks in SEO uses the dofollow attribute that helps your website to boost in google or other search engines results list. therefore this results increase in your traffic. So, BackLinks juice from a high DA blog or a forum is good for your blog/website to boost your Google ranking. Specially, if you are active in a niche forum which allows dofollow backlinks, you will not only get a quality link to your site but you will also be getting targeted traffic. So, The Backlinks Strategy is the widely used technique in these days to boost the online presence. The website and blog that needs a greater exposure over search engine require backlinks. Therefore, the fresh list of DoFollow Backlinks list of Sites and the secret backlinks strategy will be discussed in this blog post.

To check your backlinks visit: Small SEO Tool

For best SEO results and to rank your website top of the google list checkout the best SEO services from WebHike Solutions SEO Service.  Remember – if you run a website about cooking food. Hence, try to get backlinks only from sites that also give information about cooking food. On the other hand, Getting backlinks from different web sites whose subject is different from your web site is a bad practice. As a result, Google will recognise that you are using unfair practices and you can lose more than gain. All your Off Page SEO work will be wasted.

The dofollow backlinks in SEO give link juice to your blog, adding to the Domain Authority of your website. But it is very difficult to get such valuable links, especially from HighDA Sites.

A Dofollow Backlink looks like this in HTML:

“<a href=””>Dofollow Backlink</a>”

A Nofollow Backlink looks like this in HTML:

“<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Nofollow Backlink</a>”

Link Building is a tedious process, but the hard work pays off in long-term.

Backlinks in SEO – How to generate tons of backlinks


You can use backlinks reddit to get boost your website. It has DA of 98. You can get backlinks from it by creating account and fill your information and insert backlink. Also you can share post with backlink you want to create.


Here, You can add your website and website RSS to  As a result, new posts from your blog will automatically list on this blog directory from the RSS link you give in the details but after they accept your application.


Alltop is a very high-quality news aggregation site. So, It will only accept your submission if you have very good quality content on your website. After acceptance, it will list your latest five posts published in last 28 days from the RSS link you gave to them and as a result you have dofollow backlinks from the listed posts.

Google Sites

First of all, sign to your google account and then create a page. After this, add all the links or article that contatins a link of your website.  All the links listed on this Google site will be no-follow but still are useful because of High PA ,DA.


GrowthHackers is a popular community and allows dofollow backlinks for your website. Also social pages or profiles on your profile. So, Other links are nofollow.


Diigo is a social bookmarking website. So, All the bookmark links in your Diigo account are dofollow. And also don’t forget to add your blog post link as a bookmark in Diigo to get backlinks.


Torial especially is a journalism and portfolio website. Here, you can add your website RSS to your torial account. To get backlinks, you will see a “Read more” button. Here put links to your blog post and as a result you will get dofollow backlinks. is a portfolio website. You can add a dofollow backlink to your website and blog posts on the website and Bio sections.


IMFaceplate is an internet marketing and branding portal. Your blog links and social links in the profile and the article sections are dofollow


Github is a popular website. Because It provides nofollow links in the profile section. Therefore you can get dofollow links from in the repositories. So, Create a new repository, you can use any name for the repository. Here you can specify your website URL in the URL field of the repository settings. And Also in the email section, you can write the contact page URL of your website. As a result, you can get two dofollow links from a High DA website like Github.

Google Plus

Yes, Google also gives out Dofollow links. First of all, create a free Google Plus Business Page and then Click on the Edit Profile Button. After that a About me page appears. Then Click on the Manage Page button and add as many links as you want in the Links Section of the profile. Maybe All these links are no-follow but useful. You can also add your social profile links to make them stronger. High DA/PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking

So, Social Bookmarking helps your content to found and indexed very fast by search engines. And also most of these social bookmarking sites are of High PR and High DA.  Some of the High PR (page rank) websites are below.

  1. V7nForum
  2. backlinks reddit
  3.  Joomla Forum
  4. CNET Forum
  5. Mysql Forum
  6. Digital point Forum
  7. Site Point Forum
  8.  Warrior forum
  9.  Deviantart
  10.  File Sharing Forum
  11.  Geek Village Forum
  12. HTML Forum
  13. MyGame Builder Forum
  14.  PhpBB Forum
  15. Web-hosting Forum
  16. GardenWeb
  17. FileZilla Forum
  18. Antionline
  19. XDA developers forum
  20. What is my IP
  21. Ubuntu forums
  22. Audacity forum
  23. Chronicle Forum
  24. Photoshop designs
  25. Windows Forum
  26. SEOChat forum
  27. Cheftalk forum
  28. Miui Android Forum
  29. Business Advice Forum
  30. IDPF

Of all these above dofollow forums, I’m active on few of internet marketing forums , such as WarriorForum, V7nForum and Digital point forum.

I suggest you to keep checking these forums for Do-follow backlinks in seo attribute because sometime web-masters remove the do-follow attribute because of spamming. So, share more forums who are using dofollow attribute with high Domain authority and are very active. By all the above dofollow backlinks list you can rank easily in your desired keyword. To make tons of backlinks and rank in top 10 just hire SEO Expert.


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