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WordPress Gutenberg | How to revert back to classic editor


The WordPress Gutenberg editor is the new editor in wordpress. It comes withe update of wordpress version 5.0.  This WordPress Gutenberg editor also know as block editor. In which we can make different blocks or rows to make content more attractive. As most of the latest 3rd party editors are using.

But after deactivation of classic editor after long time that makes wordpress users to little bit difficulty in using WordPress Gutenberg editor. Now wordpress have Gutenberg by default editor you can’t choose classic editor anymore. Although it is very good editor if the user adopts it because it has come with very new features.

Classic Editor:

The wordpress classic editor is the most long live editor till the wordpress version 5.0. But this editor is very basic.  It is very difficult to make attractive content. For this purpose users installs third party editors like w3bakery or siteorigin. But in most the cases layman don’t know about these plugins. So most of the users trying to use classic editors to make their content more attractive. Although there is option of HTML, where you can write code to make content orientation better.

How to revert back to classic editor from WordPress Gutenberg editor

A number of users wants not to use WordPress Gutenberg editor because of its difficulty. So now you can revert back to classic editor again by simply install the classic editor plugin. In the settings of classic editor you can also set the options like classic editor or gutenberg editor by Default for all users. Also you can allow other users to switch editors through their editor page.

Download classic Editor 

From the above link you can download the plugin, after activation you can see all your post, pages are reverted to old classic editor from WordPress Gutenberg editor. If you want to use block editor again simply go to classic editors settings and change the options.



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