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There are many methods and topics can find about ‘Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment’ but most of them not explain in belief. In this article you can learn that how to get started making money online without any investment. The surety is not there that how can you earn, It all depends on your handwork and consistency.

It can’t be doe with the week or month. It takes some times. You Must Have To Show:

  • Consistency
  • Hard Work
  • Patience
  • Keep Learning

If you are new startup then you never think of Earn Money Online in Pakistan at start at least for 7-8 months. There are many ways to earn money without investment in 2019. But you can find here 6 most highly rated ways of online earning that are as follow.

Methods to Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment


Article Writing

If you have good English skills or grammar then you can earn money at home for just writing articles for companies, products etc. But from where you can get these kind of projects. Below are some websites from which you can earn by writing articles.

Pay visiting to each of the website above , just sign up and start writing article. Most of these website can pay you hourly per article writing.  Make sure that not to write copyrighted articles.  Companies that hire you are not fool they just banned you for this action. Visit the website read there instructions and start Earn Money Online in Pakistan without investment.


Online Teaching

If you any skill and you want to tech anyone else then you can teach and earn online at home. Only you have to do that is to visit the following website then make an account. Whatever you have skilled with, you can teach. One big advantage is that you can charge as much as you can of your wish. But as the the reward is high so you have to work hard here. What you can do here is to make any video tutorial or video. At start you feel disappointment here because nobody knows you. But here is is the tip that you can simply give discount to your courses or lectures to just attract people.


Affiliate Marketing

There is lot of scale in affiliate marketing, you can earn very good amount of money by choosing this field. Simply what you have to do is to just promote there products or services and they give you commission of views or clicks. It depends upon the website tat hoe mush commission ratio they are giving to you. There are many ways by which you can promote there products. For example by making free website on wordpress and choose any theme from best free wordpress themes and create website. Also if you have strong social media followers then you can share products via this platform. Same like this if you have youtube channel. Following are the best websites for affiliate marketing:

You have to simply website these website and sign up for affiliate marketing. Choose that product that commission are high and those products are in trending.



One of the most trending online work freelancing. If you have any skill then freelancing is best for you. But it takes some time to develop your profile better. At start you can give your services by just giving services in low rates. You can also earn by giving projects that you in to other freelancers and you only earn profit based on commission. So, there are lot of ways in digital freelancing. Most of the websites give money on hourly bases. You have t make good profile there. 1st few months for new startup is very difficult there because no one trust you as you are new. But hard work and consistency makes all. Some of the top paying websites are following:


As most of the people know that blogging is the most common ways of online earning. But some people don’t know how to get started. For this first of all, you have to work day and night for good content. It takes lot of time so that people read your content and people makes trust on your blog and in this way traffic increases. But this not started just make website copy paste any content and apply ads and earning start, no not like this. Following are the top free online website development platforms.

First, you need to choose the niche on which you want make an entire blog. Choose an smaller topic of tat particular niche and write article on may pron and corn of this choose topic. Once you decide your content then you have to move on to website development. For this i recommended to choose WordPress website as WordPress has built in SEO builder that may boost your website then other platforms like blogger by google. If you chooses WordPress next step is to choose the best free WordPress themes and then write your article on that developed WordPress website. Do proper SEO, generate backlinks, directory submission and then display adds from any advertising networks but best is google. Best advertising agencies are :



All of the ways discussed above by which you can earn online at home. And the is answer of questions that asked by many people that ‘Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment’. All the above ways free and you can start earning today. All you have to show your patience, hard-work and consistency.

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