Tiktok Vs Youtube - The Reality | Which is better in 2020?

Tiktok Vs Youtube – The Reality | Which is better in 2020?

Tiktok Vs Youtube

Today we are noticing that a new discussion is started that which platform if better tikok or youtube. And it is also seen that a new fight started tiktok vs youtube. Further going to differences between these two platforms. First we have to know that these platform do and what are the usage of both these platforms.


Tiktok is a platform where people can share their short videos. It is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos (ref wikipedia). Users of tiktok only use it on mobile means in android and iOS devices. It is also have website where you can see and upload videos. But the huge number of users see and upload videos from mobile device.

The mobile apps of tiktok is well designed which enhances the user experience. Large amount of viewers spend their time to see videos rather than uploading. The person who upload videos regularly on tiktok they call himself as tiktokers.


Youtube is is very old platform founded in 2005 and in 2006 google bought this platform and relaunched this from under his umbrella. According to Wikipedia youtube is a online video sharing platform. There are many categories on which people shares videos on like music, dance, learning based, education, sports, interviews and specially vlogs. The youtube is the largest video steaming and sharing platform in the world.

And the large number of video creators show their skills and earning money from it. The person who upload videos regularly on YouTube and earn money from it they call himself as YouTube. Now a days YouTube  its an earning platform, a large numbers of YouTube are creating great stuff and show their skill because they are earning money.

Similarities & Differences Tiktok Vs Youtube:


It is common that both the platform are video sharing apps. In both platforms users want to share their skills. But the number of users and viewership is different. Both are available in almost all devices like mobile, desktop. And both have well designed mobile and webs apps. Both tiktokers and youtubers are very determined to share their videos and both wok hard to go viral their content.

Both platform have not alone in their video sharing. For youtube there are many other platforms like vimo, dailymotion. And same like tiktok the similar platform are available too like dubsmash. Both have option to save or subscribe favorite channels.

Tiktok Vs Youtube

Differences Tiktok Vs Youtube:

The web and mobile apps for youtube is user friendly. Here when user open the app the videos not play automatically as in the tiktok. When user open tiktok in mobile the videos plays automatically and after finished it plays to next video. As the creator of tiktok mentioned that the aim of this app is to share dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. But the youtube is not only for dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos it also used for learning/education, long videos/movies, live steaming etc. So both platforms are totally different usage but common is video streaming or sharing.

Video length: 

The length of video on youtube is long or short depending upon the video type. But in tiktok the videos are in short length. It is not used for education and learning purposes. It is not wrong if we say that it is a platform where people show their acting skills.


The behavior of audience both apps are different. In tiktok the videos plays automatically and after finished next videos plays automatically. And this is only for mobiles apps for tiktok not website because the large number of audience uses mobile version of tiktok. But another hand the YouTube here viewers come to see or gain some information. For example some is looking for cooking/recipes, someone is looking for education purposes and someone is searching for some product reviews.

If we talk about the views in both the platforms. The tiktok views count on every visitor watch the video regardless how many time he/she watch that same video. But in YouTube the views count is different first the videos not be played automatically not like tiktok app. People search and decide here to which video is good to watch and if the visitor watches that video for at least half or 1 minute that counts a 1 view.


At the end there is very big differences of Tiktok Vs Youtube. It is true if we can say that these two platform are totally not comparable because there is only one common thing that is video sharing other than this all are different. If we compare tiktok with dubsmash app or with some acting skills sharing app then this is now what we can say comparable platforms. And similarly if we compare YouTube with vimo or dailymotion then this creates some discussion able topics. The tiktop vs youtube is not comparable because both are working on different strategies.


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